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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Split Up?


I never saw this coming!  According to Us Weekly, Justin and Jessica are done!

They’ve been looking so completely miserable together as of late, so this shouldn’t be shocking.  The way a “pal” tells it to Us, Justin broke up with the very talented actress a month ago.  On the phone.  Though the friend says they are broken up, he also claims that Jessica is in serious denial despite her ex’s decision to bring single back.

There have been some stories cropping up lately that tell the tale of Justin fooling around with other chicks.  Also, during one of Lindsay Lohan’s times of having her Twitter account “hacked”, the “hacker” accused JT of making out with a woman in a club.

This is what I want to know:  1)  How long until Timberlake does a SNL skit about this split?  and 2)  How long until Timberlake starts his newest “relationship destined to fail” with Rihanna?

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