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Amy Winehouse Comes Out as a Jewmaican

Lately, it seems like Amy Winehouse is less troubled.  We don’t see daily pictures of a bra-clad Amy stumbling around the streets of Camden with a bag of crisps in her sore-ridden hands.  So, it makes one curious:  What is Ames doing these days?  Uh, rapping.

Winehouse has decided to try a new genre of music.  Lyrics such as, “Listen. I can write ten raps a night, it don’t matter but you know that it’s tight,” and “I will never wear my hair out unless I am the best.  Oh snap, I never knew that. Well I know that I’m a Jew. Well, a Jewmaican,” coupled with a bunch of unintelligible rambling clearly equals “recipe for success”.

Now all we need is a new rapper name for Winehouse.  Any ideas?  L.L. Cool Jew?  Ugh … sorry.

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