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More Legal Woes For Joe Francis


Remember that whole debacle a few weeks back between Brody Jenner, Playmate Jayde Nicole, Joe Francis and a taser?  Me neither.  But Jayde remembers.  Oh, does she remember and she’s hoping that Joe Francis’ wallet gets a reminder that it won’t soon forget.

Today Jayde filed a lawsuit claiming that she was assaulted and battered.  The suit states, “In an intoxicated and uncontrollable rage, defendant Francis, who weighs over 200 lbs, physically attacked plaintiff Nicole, approximately 115 lbs, by pulling on her hair from behind to gain maximum control over her person and then violently shoving and/or throwing her to the ground of the nightclub like a rag-doll.”

In addition, Nicole was injured.  She cites, “a black-eye, swollen face, bruised ribs, sore and bruised abdomen region, bruised arms and legs, ripped-out hair, and utter emotional distress and humiliation.”

In case you are wondering what clumps of hair and utter emotional distress go for these days, she’s looking for a million bucks as well as punitive damages.

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  • Violence is never the answer….. but what is up with her wonky eyes????!? They look like crooked pieces on a Mr Potato Head doll.

  • Sweet Jeebus, Slanty McWonkface! Is it a botched facelift or some serious botox malpractice that caused her face to be so off balance?

  • she is crazy lying out of her ass… i hope she doesnt get a cent…and spends a lot on lawyer fees. it is not fair she can just make such bullshit claims and actually sue someone when there are so many women out there that this has happened to them for real and cant do anything because of expensive lawyer fees. this sucks. oh yeah and she has shitfaced eyes…

  • Oh no! I thought maybe that was just a distorted picture so I Googled her and her eyes always look like that!

  • Didn’t the police, who already hate Joe Francis, state there was no case?

    Or maybe Gloria Allred needed a case to get back on TV every night on Nancy Grace and decided to file this for Miss Wonky Eye? I wonder who really did file this for her.

  • it blows my mind that no one would notice…and letting her into the “modeling” industry? ……REALLY?? perhaps those who haven’t noticed thus far were just completely mesmerized & hypnotized by her ba-ba-ba-boobies…

  • hahaha…. that was the very first thing i noticed, and then headed to the comments without reading it to see if i was the only one who saw it and maybe didn’t see it right… crazy wonk eye.

  • but yet, Joe Francis is hosting/throwing/pimping for/whatever Kloe Kardashain’s (aka BRODY’S STEP-BROTHER) fiance’s bachelor party. This whole thing smells very fishy, just like Jade.