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“It’s pretty sad.  She should have watched it more closely, though. She should have been more careful.”

Martha Stewart, speaking of Jessica Simpson and her coyotenapped Malti-Poo, Daisy.

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  • What a dumb old cunt. Didn’t one of her dogs get killed in a kennel explosion earlier this year? Maybe if she’d actually been watching her dog herself and was a little more careful, the dog would still be alive.

    • The point of a kennel is that you pay other people to care for your animal when you can’t. Sort of like daycare.
      If something happens to your child while they’re at daycare, you aren’t responsible for that. If something happens to your child while it’s in your care, you are.

      I’m not blaming Jessica, but I am a little annoyed at the fact that she keeps calling her dog her baby and talking about how horrified she was to watch it be dragged off by a coyote.
      I can promise you that if a coyote dragged my baby off it would be a fight to the death between me and that animal. I wouldn’t have time to put up pointless fliers because I’d still be in the woods hunting down my baby and the coyote that took it.

      • I love love love this response! Right — if my pet was snatched, I’d probably be toast too, because there’s no effing way I’d watch my pet be dragged away.

        She’s an idiot and she (or her handlers) want attention from this. I just wish animals didn’t have to suffer because people are So. Freaking. Dumb.

      • HAHA amen. It’s a fucking dog, people. Yes it’s sad… but her bullshit of a quote “I’m a mama..” Ummm.. did you push an eight pound human being out of you vagina, deal with stretch marks, or getting twnty mintues’ sleep at a stretch? No? Then STFU..

      • Some people just loooove their dogs. I’m not a dog owner, but I have friends that love their dogs or other pets like they are their children.

  • Does she realize that the same exact quote, nearly word for word, could be said about her and how she handled her financial portfolio?

  • Martha had a dog that was struck and killed by a car years ago while under her own watch. People in glass houses…

  • She’s completely right. I live in the city, and we walk our dogs daily. EVERY SECOND that they’re on the sidewalk, I’m making sure that they don’t go too close to the street, that no dumbass is riding their bike down the sidewalk (illegally) and potentially plowing them down. In other words, they’re monitored for their safety at every moment.

    If they were in coyote territory, they should have taken the proper precautions. It’s sad that the dog suffered because the handlers were so negligent. Martha Stewart isn’t heartless in calling this out.

  • You canNOT be everywhere at once. Wildlife is just that, wild.

    I have a friend whose chihuahua was carried off by an owl in broad daylight. I suppose Martha would have us believe that if my friend had been watching her dog more carefully, she would have anticipated attack by owl…

    Sometimes bad things happen. Casting stones at Jessica Simpson just isn’t nice.

    • Anyone know just how much plastic surgery ole Martha has had? I had to read the quote to figure out who is in the photo.

      • she appears to be one of the handful that hasn’t had her eyes pulled apart and balloons implanted under her cheeks to maintain youth. give credit.

  • I can’t believe there are pet owners who wouldn’t do anything possible and within their means to get their animal back. Wow. Martha shouldn’t talk either she was too busy to bring her puppy home and it ended up being burned alive in a kennel, interesting that she of all people is being so cold about this event.

    It’s strikes me as so odd that you wouldn’t be sympathetic to someone who lost something she truly loved.

  • dude… why would you even say something like that? how is that helpful at all? i mean, a) none of your beeswax, and b) i’m pretty sure jessica simpson’s already telling herself that. i inexplicably like martha stewart – actually, it’s probably because i found out she knows how to fold a fitted sheet and that amounts to supernatural abilities in my eyes – but this was rather uncool.
    oh shit… i sound like jennifer aniston talking about angelina jolie three years ago.

    • Not if he or she is on a leash. Sorry, but this would definitely not happen on my watch. It all comes down to how much you care, and in this case, the dog was not cared for enough, which is terribly sad.

      You live in coyote terrirory, you don’t let your small dog become potential prey. Its as simple as simple gets.