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Audrina’s Stalker is Hilarious

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The Hills star Audrina Patridge has a stalker just like every other woman in the spotlight. However, unlike most stalkers, Patridge’s leaves her art. Very, very funny art.

Back in August a man arrived to Audrina’s pad, claiming he was there to deliver wine. Instead of hooking Patridge up with some free booze-drinks, the man handed her a stack of mementos, including photos, poems and sketches he had drawn. While the sketches make me giggle (check out the full gallery here), Patridge reported that one of the photos was of a woman being strangled. Addtionally, some of the postcards that were in the stack were dated, but for September 15th. At the time of that encounter, we were talking three weeks in the future. Maybe he’s a time traveller? AWESOME!

OK, while someone as pathetic as me might live for the day a time travelling stalker would come a’knockin’ on my door, Patridge and her “team” seem to be on high alert because of the pre-dated love letters. In fact, they seem to think that could be the day that the stalker will come back. Fine, maybe that is pretty scary. There are definitely some not-so-funny aspects of this story and I truly hope that Miss Patridge is OK, but you would think that at this point homegirl would have figured out a safer, more secure way of delivering her packages and/or letting people on her property.

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  • I guess we have a different idea of whats funny and not. Those pictures he drew for her creep me the fuck out. Even more than Audrina creeps me out lol~!

  • I don’t really understand what is funny about those creepy-ass pictures. Maybe because they aren’t funny at all?

  • Not to jump on the bandwagon, but yeah – what’s funny here? Not a Hills watcher, not an Audrina fan, but stalkers just aren’t hilarious. Really insensitive title BTW.

    Hey, if he succeeds in his mission on one of his twisted visits, will that be funny too?

    I know, I know. It’s a gossip column. But murderous stalkers stalk and murder and it really just isn’t “hilarious”. (PS – You even blamed the victim! She’s taking deliveries wrong!)

  • not funny at all.

    in college, i had a guy leave notes on my car and then later that semester someone broke my passenger side mirror (i’m thinking it was the same dude). my apartment mate said she heard someone call my name outside of her window on occasions too. it was not a fun time, i was super scared especially since i had no idea who it was.

    you never know what people will do..

  • Creepy- and if there was a sketch of a woman being strangled even more so. What is this person in the picture supposed to be doing?

  • I loved how this labeled as “evidence”, it just looks like a bunch of crappily drawn pictures to me. This guy has to be extra crazy because I don’t know why someone would want to stalk Audrina Patridge.

  • Any woman who has had a less than stable ex or any sort of weird person attach themselves either in reality or in a sick mind to them will attest that stalking is NEVER funny. The fear in your gut is something that words cannot express. It is unbelieveable to me that the lesson of Rebecca Schaeffer so many years ago has gone unheeded by any young actress. Do NOT answer the door yourself, for Christ’s sake! If you are “famous” enough to have paps follow you, you are famous enough to hire security.

    The price of fame or semi-fame should not be a young girl’s life. There are some serious nutballs running around and crap like this should not be taken lightly and is absolutely not a joke. In my very humble opinion.