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Ellen Degeneres to Judge American Idol


This comes so far out of left field, it’s guaranteed to be a home run. As we were all sitting around, shaking our heads and wondering how on earth American Idol could continue to be interesting during its post-Paulum depression, the FOX executives were doing something absolutely genius: They were hiring Ellen Degeneres.

Ellen will take the fourth judge’s seat after its preliminary auditions phase (so basically she gets to miss out on the worst part.) “I’ve watched since the beginning and I’ve always been a huge fan, so getting this job is a dream come true,” said Ellen.

It’s funny this should happen today. I’ve been absent from around here for awhile — I was at a cabin in the middle of Idaho, for anyone who’s interested — and this morning I found myself sitting in front of the TV as it happened to be tuned to Ellen. It’s been years since I’ve watched her show, and I was just struck with how creative and entertaining and all-around brilliant her show is. I was like “I wish I had the opportunity to see more of her.” AND NOW I WILL!

Ya know, I really thought Paula was irreplaceable on that show. I bet she thought that, too. But they didn’t try to find another Paula — they found her polar opposite. I think Ellen will continue Paula’s tradition of treating the contestants with kindness, but she’ll be perceptive and (intentionally) funny and sober in the process, and I think it’ll be fantastic for the show. Ellen seems to have lately really embraced her inner butch lesbian — and I’m loving the look on her — and I think it’ll be fantastic to have an openly gay presence on the show. I’m certain it’ll prevent Ryan and Simon from hinting at one another’s homosexuality as an insult, which was getting really really old.

Well-played, my friends at FOX.

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  • I’m just not exactly sure what Ellen Degeneres has to do with the music business and why she’s qualified to judge anybody’s musical talents. I guess since she’s a comedian, talk show host and a lesbian that’s enough. Not that it really matters though. The “music” they play on that overrated karaoke show is horrible anyway.

  • She was a guest judge on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ last season, and was very entertaining, and actually had something constructive to say to the contestants. She may not have any musical chops (that we know of) but she certainly has been in the business long enough to know what’s good and what’s crap. I hope.

  • i’m excited by it. i think she will obviously bring humor and charm, but i wonder what she will have to offer as far as musical talent? and i also hope she isn’t too sensitive for simon. she cried over a puppy after all.

  • Ehhh, Ellen is OK but I don’t think that she has any place in judging a singing competition. SHE’S NOT A SINGER! Nor is she in the industry like Simon. WTF, this is so random. Why not have Orlando Bloom judge it?

  • I don’t think it matters if she has anything to do with the music business. Most of the people who pick up their phones and vote don’t have anything to do with the music business, either, but they still are given the right to judge who they think is best. Ellen herself commented on this, saying (I’m paraphrasing here) that she will react to the contestants the same way a normal person would, and that even if she knows “nothing” about music, she will know whose records she would and would not buy. Seriously, folks, do we really think that one has to be in the music business to appreciate good music?

  • The way that you slipped the idea into the mix that you were in a cabin somewhere in the wilderness to explain in a back-door way the fact that your blog is going down the tubes was not really an effective manuever.

  • great
    maybe this will finally destroy AI=Artificial Intelligence
    could be called AM=Artificial Music
    where has free thought gone?
    This tv “reality” show is the ruination of music
    music is sacred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AI is ruing music

  • notice something.. every picture online of ellen and Portia.. shows ellen holding portia and not the reverse.. she’s such a kling on.. I could just imagine when Portia leaves ellen (soon).. what that man with a V ellen going to do.. likely fall of the face of the planet. her abomination of a relationship.