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It’s A Boy!


Speaking of a woman who seems like she’s been pregnant forever, Nicole Richie gave birth this morning to her second child.  She and dad Joel Madden welcomed their 7 lb. 14 oz. son early on Wednesday morning.  He joins older sister Harlow Winter Kate Madden.  I’d love to know what you guys think of the new arrival’s name:  Sparrow James Midnight Madden.  My opinion?  You don’t name a boy Sparrow.  You don’t name any child Sparrow.

Congrats to the expanding family!

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      • You’re overthinking the rules of rhymes, they’re much more general than that. The folowing are all perfect rhymes:
        rhyme, sublime
        picky, tricky
        cacophonies, Aristophanes
        But any similar sounding pair of words qualify as a rhyme.

      • you pronounce “sparrow” “spair-row??” I’ve never heard it pronounced like that! Are you from the South??

      • You are thinking of a “perfect rhyme” such as duck and luck. Harlow and Sparrow are “general rhymes”. Here the last syllable of each word rhymes. Just sayin’.

      • @jen: Huh? As far as I know, Sparrow is pronounced spair-roh. I’ve never heard it pronounced any other way. FYI, I live in Northern California.

        And they KINDA rhyme, yeah. It’s a very approximate rhyme.

  • Sparrow sounds like a cool girl’s name, but perhaps not for a boy. Although, Captain Jack Sparrow was forever etched into our memory thanks to a wonderful actor.

  • Hahah holy shit. That by far is the worst celebrity baby name I’ve ever heard. ZUma Nesta is #2 and Bronx Mowgli is #3. Do these idiots realize that someday their kid has to go to school? Or get a job?

  • I’m waiting for the punchline of this story, because this sure as shit ain’t funny, and I ain’t laughin’.

  • Harlow’s full name I thought was pretty and tastefully unique. Unfortunately this poor kid has an awful name. Sparrow & Midnight? WTF?! They better refer to him as James.

    • I agree completely. I thought they did a good job with Harlow’s name. “Tasefully unique” describes it perfectly. Although I think James Midnight would be a cool name, Sparrow is awful, especially for a boy.

  • He’ll be S. James Madden if he becomes a CEO. He’ll be Sparrow if he’s in a rock and roll band. I still hate Apple more.

  • I don’t like the name. I read somewhere else that if they were gunna name the kid after a bird at least it could have been a tough sounding birds name like Hawk ;-) I thought that was kind-a funny.
    But I think the worse celeb name is Penn’s daughter from Penn & Teller. I don’t even really remember it but it’s something like Auto-Pilot.

    • Penn’s daughter is Moxie Crimefighter. I heard Penn tell a story about it-he said that when she got older and she was stopped by the cops, she could tell them Crimefighter was her middle name. I thought that was kinda cute. Penn’s son is Zoltan.
      It’s the guy from my name is Earl-Jason something-whose kid is Pilot Inspektor.

      • Thank you very much!Those names are much worse than Sparrow.I mean shit,the next celeb might name their kid “Lunch Lady”,who knows.

        I think Sparrow is a cool name.

  • Don’t get the need for them to name thier kids with sentence-long phrases but congrats to them all the same. Don’t love the name though.

  • Shit. And there goes $20 I’ll never see again. I bet she was gonna name her kid Vagina Dentata.


    Sparrow. Worse than Apple by far.

  • Ugh, awful. I like Harlow, it’s cute. Sparrow? Not so much. Maybe for a girl, but probably not even then. I don’t think it’s the worst baby name, though. It’s bad, but Pilot Inspektor and Moxie Crimefighter are way worse.

  • I think it is an alright name, and at least they don’t live in Australia where the ‘australian twang’ would make the whole thing sound like a ball of mush. I personally think Moon Unit Zappa is the worst, seriously ‘Moon Unit’, why?

  • The kid will probably just shorten it to James when he’s old enough to realise ‘Sparrow’ isnt even a fit name for a cat.

  • I think I dislike Bronx Mowgli more than Sparrow but its still a horrible name..especially for a boy. Its simply ridiculous and just mean. Why WHy why why why why do celebrities HAVE to name they’re kids that kinda shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zuma is terrible too and I am a big Bob Marley fan…and a big Stefani fan…but its just ugly…and even kinda fem…Sparrow is just goofball!
    Midnight? just adds to the outlandishness of it all. Moses, Apple, Zuma, Brox, Brooklin, and my favorite Pilot Inspektor should all be allow to kill they’re parents when they grow up. Look whats happening to Peaches and Fifi and Tigerlyy Geldof…not to mention Moon fuckin Unit Zapa.
    Fuckit..Im naming my first child Craterface Kangaroo Dick Smith