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Is There a Body Language Expert in the House?


Here’s a picture of  engaged Dancing With The Stars stars Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy taken on August 30th.  Ten days ago.  Today, Karina’s rep confirms that the couple are through.  They will still be performing together on DWTS.

I wonder where it all went wrong.  They recently announced that they were postponing their wedding until next summer due to busy schedules.  “Busy schedules” is often code for “trouble on the horizon.”  I don’t know.  Maks was always kind of a jerk — he’s the dude who implied that co-stars Lacey Schwimmer and Cheryl Burke were fat.  Whatever.

Anyway, I guess this is more proof that quickie engagements don’t always pan out.  They announced their intent to marry just six months after Karina’s split from Mario Lopez.  Sad, I guess.

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  • Sorry, Wendie, but I have to disagree. Karina Smirnoff acts the the douchiest, cattiest woman on DWTS. Even when she has the best partner (and she *IS* a great dancer), I sit on the couch and pronate myself before the speculative beings in hopes she will break a leg or poop her pants or something horrible.

    Maks is awesome — dump her please!

  • > Dancing With The Stars stars

    Funny how many time “stars” is used considering there aren’t any on the show.

  • Umm…who and who? I don’t care. I thought this might be interesting when I thought it was Nicole Richie in the pic…

  • i think maks is a great guy and deserves a good woman, i thought thta karina is one and especially they come from the same place ukraine and love the same thing … dancing.. they are really a match and i do hope they can iron out theri differences..there is always hope as long as the love is not lost