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That Was Quick!


In the News That Would Never Be Covered If Anything Else Were Happening category, Dancing With the Stars dancers Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are now engaged.  Sigh…can you imagine what their children will look like?  Beyond abnormal genetic blessings, babies will probably pasa doble right down her birth canal. 

Their engagement comes a little more than six months after Smirnoff ended her two-year relationship with Mario Lopez.  On days like today, when I’m feeling bored and restless, I imagine Mario finding out about the engagement and there being some big dance-off to win Karina’s love.  In all fairness, my school district made us watch West Side Story every single day that it rained and we couldn’t have recess.  And also, every single year on the last day of school.  It isn’t my fault.

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