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Yeah, We Need To Have a “Caption This” Right. Friggin’. Now.



As it turns out, there is a website called Who Celebs Tweet that will show Twitter feeds between any two people.  I’d like to show you the feed of Tweets that have occurred between Tila Tequila and Shawne Merriman — specifically, the fifth entry down where Miss Tila “I’m allergic to alcohol” Tequila tells her boyfriend she’s drunk.  As I mentioned earlier today, Shawne Merriman denies abusing TT, and the famewhore replied back, denying that she drinks.

Fuck you, Tila Tequila.  Fuck. You.  You’re a liar and you are a shame to the female gender.  Levying a false accusation like that, beyond causing potential ruin to another person, makes others less likely to come forward for fear of not being believed.

Thank you to Amy Grindhouse for helping confirm what I think I secretly knew all along:  Tila was hoping to get Rihanna-level attention by crafting this imaginary drama.



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  • Wendie, were you the one she called a dumb garden tool?

    Call her out on her shit, and post a cap of this exchange. Let’s see who’s the dumb ho now.

  • You know, at one point in the past, I felt bad for her. There was an article on a website (I can’t remember for the life of me what it was) about how she was being called a whore because of a picture someone had taken of her with a plaster cast on her chest.. later on, the photograph was identified as being taken at a charity event where celebrity women submitted for plaster casts of their breasts as molds for mastectomy patients. I thought that was totally awesome of her, and felt that (some of) the reputation she has may have been taken out of context.

    No more. It doesn’t matter how much charity work she does.. as a domestic violence survivor, if she did this to get the public to adore her like they do Rihanna (as you pointed out, Wendie) she’s scum.

  • It’s true, men shouldn’t ever abuse women. In turn, however, women shouldn’t pull stupid shit like this. I hope they throw her ass in jail for making a false report and THEN I hope Shawne Merriman sues the crap out of her.

    I’m sensing the relationship is over ;)

    • Agreed. The authorities have to follow through with punishment for people who make false claims. Not only can lies like this ruin so many lives it also makes it harder for the next person who is actually a victim of abuse to come forward and be taken seriously.

  • I’ve been dying to hear this site’s take on this since the news broke cuz I remember a little piece how one of the editors wanted to confront her after that Twitter fight in some club appearance she made a few months back.

    Tila also previously made some comments if she were ever in a Rihanna type domestic abuse situation she would speak out against domestic abuse and didn’t respect Rihanna since she hasn’t. I’m dying to see how this trainwreck goes down only because the girl has backed herself in a corner on the national stage.

    Talk about bipolar trash!

  • I actually didn’t have a problem with her at one point, and watched a Shot at Love 1. I only watched the last couple of episodes of the second season… did anyone see that freakin’ reunion? She starting flipping the fuck out on the blonde girl that she had chosen who in turn rejected Tila. Screaming, fighting, acting like a ridiculously immature, spoiled rotten, bratty little 12 year old girl who wasn’t getting her way. I couldn’t believe the behavior; even coming from her. She wouldn’t let anyone else speak and was just going OFF; making herself look like a complete idiot. When I heard of this domestic squabble the first thing that came to mind was that maybe she was flipping her shit on this guy and he wasn’t trying to hurt her, but rather holding her off of him or trying to dig her claws out of his flesh. I’m NOT saying ‘choking’ is ok… but I get the feeling it was never anything like that and she made that shit up when it was really a guy trying to defend himself from her crazy ass, and hold her off of himself. Just my 2 cents.

    • What made me have even less faith in the world was how the audience on the reunion was on her side. Her Myspace is enough to make you vomit, because everyone that loves her is stupid as fuck.

      “tila i fookinug luv u biitch..!1 thaks fot teh ad”

    • Correct. But you have to be truthful about these things. He said that she was drunk and she replied by saying she never drinks due to an allergy to alcohol. According to her Tweets, she does drink. So if he did abuse her, she’s defeated herself by being a liar. Because now, law enforcement is going to be very suspect in believing her story. There’s a lot of freedom in telling the truth. Even if she said, “Yes, I was smashed” … who cares? He still could have abused her. Now, she doesn’t have credibility.

  • Growing up in an Asian community ( in San Diego ironically) I’ve known and been very best friends with Asians my whole life and the alcohol “allergy” isnt an allergy at all…it just simply turns they’re faces red and everyone can tell they’ve been drinking. Im also a cocktail waitress so I see it everyday. Thats why many of my Asian friends dont drink alot and when they do they get that classic red face. People just love to say they’re allergic to shit that doesnt bode well for them.
    I have an allergy to idiots but I think that ones real.

    • I think I read somewhere that 90% of Asians are lactose intolerant, and just about as many have the same issue with alcohol; they lack an enzyme to break alcohol down in the bloodstream. That’s why so many of them smoke. It’s the only vice that won’t leave them curled up in a ball from abdominal pain.

      • “90% of Asians are lactose intolerant, and just about as many have the same issue with alcohol”

        I’m taking a wild guess that you’ve never lived in an East Asian country. I’ve never seen so many people whose work/social lives revolve around alcohol as I do here.

  • Now she is pretty much accusing him of steroid abuse.

    If she was abused by him then that is terrible and I feel for her but this is NOT the way to go about it with lies and constant bullshit.

    I hope this doesn’t deter REAL victims from coming forward.