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Sharon Stone Frightens Me

Her body looks pretty good for a 51 year old. But I fully expect to end up in a sausage casing in some shady bodega– or be disposed of in some other equally violent type of mob hit– for posting this. Something about her frightens me.

Stone butched it up in Sardinia this weekend while vacationing with family– scratching her ass, smoking a fatty, and… shoving a water hose in her mouth. That’s not a euphemism for anything– she inexplicably shoved the nozzle of a water hose in her mouth while rinsing off.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone on Vacation in Sardinia

More in the gallery.

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  • You never drink the water coming from the tanks on a boat like that is contaminated with all sorts of bacteria because it’s used to clean off decks, the smaller tanks in the galley are supposed to be cleaned and treated so you don’t get sick – bottled is the way to go on a boat. I bet Sharon had a wicked case of the runs about an hour later, rawr!

    She’s another dope who doesn’t think before she says things which makes her entertaining, she can’t act worth a shit. I will always marvel at Scorcesee got her performance in Casino, it’s her only truly watchable film. Any guesses as to how she manages her lifestyle on her earnings? (hahaha)

  • You have to admit, she looks fantastic for her age.

    She is batshit crazy but she looked phenomenal in Casino. I think that was the most he needed.

    I think the only other movie I ever saw her in besides that is Basic Instinct.

    • I agree with all said. And “pretty good body”? No way. I don’t know what kind of 50 year-olds you’ve been hanging out with, but her body is amazing

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    • What’s up with all of the spammers posting on this website? I saw a similar one last week. I HATE these fucking parasites. Beet, can’t you do something about these mega douchebags???

      Hey, “klire” – why don’t you just go blow yourself?

  • Sharon acts, looks pretty normal on vacation to me, minus the weed.. of course, in movies today women act normal like this are considered bold and giving their all for a Oscar. Diaz farts, burps, looks like hell, eats and drinks what she wants and throws up, without being in a movie. Oddly Madonna is afraid to show most of her skin unless lighting is right and she has tights on, while continiously doing a sex act as she is pretending to be spiritual and benevolant.. SJP the unloved is freakishly bland, garnish, awkward and fugly without makeup and with it.. and can’t do anything without pain and suffering to the audience seeing her live that way

  • I love Sharon Stone. She looks great and the best part is she just doesn’t give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks. She is a great actress too. I loved her in Casino and Basic Instinct. She looks like she is having a hell of a good time.

    • HA! I’ve been saying this now for the longest time! Fuck YOU Kelly you are the worst writer here…your posts SUCK. so does this blog….and so are MOST of the commenters except donkey punch

      • Wow, I find you just as offensive as I find donkey punch.

        Which I have always found it so odd that either of you feel the need to hang out on a Gossip blog. Have you had your ability to post revoked else where and this it the only site that has not banned you yet?

        Please, I beg you to run over to Perez and place your hate there. There is no need to spew the hate here…

      • I dare you to point out what I said that was so offensive. All I simply said was I dont like someones writting style. This is my first actually WRITTING on here so how do you find it “so odd that either of you feel the need to hang out on a gossip blog”

        Check your facts…I wasnt offensive.

      • How was I offensive? I simply said I dont like someones writting style…

        How do you find its odd I feel the need to hand out on a Gossip blog with this is my first day ever posting a comment?

        Check your facts.

      • i agree, kelly is a terrible writer. i used to like wendie, but she’s getting on my nerves. i wish beet would write more often.

      • Whats with writting like this-…..all the random- dashes- and…. periods…–..—-..? Morse Code? Or are we trying to be like Lindsay Lohan?

        I like Wendie a lot still, and I miss Beet terribly.

  • If this is your definition of hot, then U need to get your eyes rechecked…This chic looks nasty! She is 2 skinny, no chest etc…

    • You do realize her age, don’t you? If you think she looks nasty I’d stick to photoshopped pic in Playboy or the like if I were you. I don’t like her, but she is one hot over 50 chick. She’s had work done, but she’s chosen her surgeons carefully and wisely.

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  • “Her body looks pretty good for a 51 year old” — Kelly, come on, take those black tinted glasses off! I loathe Sharon Stone as much as the next person but I would still say she looks fantastic for any age.