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Sex and the City 2: They’ve Got To Be Kidding


Sarah Jessica Parker was caught filming one of her first scenes for the Sex and the City movie sequel dressed like this. I have a strong feeling that Carrie is having a flashback to her days when she just arrived in New York, which any real fan will tell you supposedly happened when the character was eighteen. Why oh why they have middle-aged SJP playing a 25 years+ younger version of herself is beyond me. This image, though. It really kicks that horrible ill-fitted wedding dress with a bird in the hair combo’s ass in the ugly contest.

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    • 60? now that’s unkind.
      the wardrobe is ugly, but that’s the character. SJP doesn’t look wrinkled.

      at least they’ve let her hair be curly instead of unnaturally straightened and flat.

  • Poor thing… looking all “Miss Cougar 2009”.
    (tho I tend to think this is allege flash back)

    As much as I like the actual SATC show… SJP/Carrie has looked like a blind fool since season 2.

    I always wonder if it was some sick joke that the costume dept/Patrica Fields played on SJP all these years. Telling her how cutting edge and fashion forward she was… all the while cackling behind her back.

    And no one wore those sweat shirts like in the late 80’s. It was very Flash Dance @1983. And technically only Jennifer Beals ever really looked good doing it.

    • That is hilarious…the idea of Pat Fields, et al, making Secretariat Jessica Parker “think” she’s awesome in her tutu.

      I actually said, “HAHA!!” out loud just imagining that scenario. Thanks for the belly laugh.

    • Yikes! Is that a Star Trek communicator on its side implanted under her skin just under her left collarbone?

      Does she look like a tranny? I think that this is a perfect storm of bad makeup, lighting and outfit choice.

    • hahahahaha “It” looks like something. Thats for sure. She just looks so old and boney. Like I said…gross, gross, gross.

    • Its not that we are bitterly critical people, we are just calling it how we see it. SHE. LOOKS. HORRIBLE! She has taken care of herself yes, but that doesn’t erase the ugly from her face. *shudder* thinking bout waking up to that face every moring scares the ever livin’ hell out of me.

      • No, you ARE a bitterly critical person. SJP has entertained you with her acting for years, and what have YOU done? I *shudder* to think about your makeup free face when you’re 45 and someone has to wake up to you. Try some kindness.

      • She has never entertained me once and I have always thought she looks like a troll. Can you honestly say she looks good in that picture? really? As to what I have done, I am an EMT so i help save lives everyday which I have to say is far better then acting in movies. What do YOU do that’s any help to society?

      • Oh my gosh, get over yourself!

        We’re not bitter. She’s ugly.
        It has nothing to do with her talents or abilities to entertain. She had a horse face in 1983, she has a horse face now.

      • In fact, she was cast as an awkward looking girl in Square Pegs.
        Because she is, in fact, an awkward looking girl.

  • Omg, you have no idea how excited I am about the movie. I already have the first one and I’ve seen it a million times. I don’t care what any of you say, Sarah Jessica Parker is fabulous. =]

  • i don’t care for this woman or her show, but i hope when all of you get old you’re tormented by nasty comments. i mean, how dare a 40-something woman not look 20! give me a break.

    • I agree these comments are harsh, but at the same time, I doubt most people in their 40s would try and portray an 18 year old on film, assuming that she is playing Carrie circa her NYC arrival.

      • Exactly.
        Some of the comments are overly critical, but honestly there comes a point when you can’t play or look like an eighteen year old anymore and she’s reached that point. It’s really just aging her even more.

      • Do any of you actually know what she is trying to portray in the picture? No?? I don’t either, so you should stuff it. the comments on this site are just awful.

      • I do know that unless she’s trying to portray a hungry scarecrow in 80’s clothes, she’s missed her mark.

  • I never got into the series, but the first movie was on demand not too long ago. I completely fell in love with it… especially when Charlotte shat her track pants lol I’m excited.

  • She looks like a man. So ugly. No matter what people say, shes looks like she should have snakes coming out of her head.

  • Awful outfit, awful hair, but I love her!
    Hopefully, the freshly raped outfit, doesn’t make the movie- or the Barbra Streisand hair-do.

  • She looks to be the same age as Lindsay Lohan. I’m sure that’s not a huge compliment to either one of them seeing as Lindsay looks to be in her mid-to-late 40’s.

  • Yes, she does kind of look bad, but we are comparing her to what she *used* to look like when SATC was on TV and even when she was popular in the 80s. She is human, she has aged, give her a break. And of course she’s not pulling off looking like an 18-year-old… they will fix that in post production!

  • I think something about this look reminds me of Barbra Streisand.

    Maybe it’s the eyes. She certainly doesn’t look conventional. Maybe at some point, as a culture, we won’t expect everyone to look the same. That probably would be more interesting.

    I still don’t plan on seeing the show. I’ve not seen one episode of SITC or Desperate Housewives. I’m fine with that statistic. :-)

  • that is fuckin frightening! all she needs is a black moo moo and a broom stick and she could be the wicked witch of the west.

  • Im pretty sure shes 23 or 24 when moving to the city in season 2 she says she’s been there for a decade… and in season 3 she has her 35th birthday …. either way shes not pulling off the age

  • OMG!!! She looks terrible! She looks like a Drag Queen! What’s with the 80’s torn sweatshirt and make-up??? Yuck!!

  • By horse to a human’s life; at 20 years she’s considered 61.. so um, yes, this is perfectly natural and aged properly solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped.. if you add freshly rejuvenated out of the crypt with the explanation..

  • FYI, they can make people look digitally younger. That’s probably what they will do with this scene.

  • I don’t know WHAT that is… and I really DON’T wanna know… Looks like a BAD tranny from the 80’s! And I really don’t understand what people see in her as pretty…

  • I think that is truly sad that there are so many people checking out this photo and searching Sarah Jessica that aren’t even her fans! I mean lets get real here, you guys are seriously pathetic individuals if you have nothing better to do than to put down on people who actually have a life, which you obviously dont. Why dont you all get yourself a hobby…..Oh and Sarah Jessica is super fabulous….Love the show and the movie!