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DJ AM Death May Have Been Suicide


People is reporting that DJ AM’s death may have been more than just an overdose.  It may have been intentional.

Though the official cause of death hasn’t been announced, a law enforcement official reveals that Adam had eight undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and a ninth one in his mouth.  That’s in addition to the crack and crack pipe found in his bed.  

Mirrors were propped up against both the entrance door to the apartment as well as Adam’s bedroom door.  In the living room, police found a Valentine’s Day card from his ex, Haley Wood (she denies that they were broken up at the time of Adam’s death) as well as several pictures of the couple.  

Now, police are investigating the theory that DJ AM may have committed suicide.  Either way, it sounds like Adam was in a whole lot of personal pain.  I hope he’s at peace.

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  • it may have been suicide depending on the strength of the oxys. if they were 5mg or something then he was just trying to get his high on. while if they were 80s then yeah, there’s pretty much no other explanation. sad.

  • That’s so odd about the mirrors and doors. Has the NYPD shed any light on that?

    When I was a kid, our horse veterinarian committed suicide after his wife divorced him, and he took all of the doors in their house off the hinges, poured cement in all the drains, then killed himself. The doors part always got to me, so AM’s story reminded me of that.

    I know a few of you writers knew him personally, or were interested in his career and followed him through the news enough that it feels like you knew him, and I’m sorry for your loss. DJ AM was a good guy who hit a bump in the road, but eventually the other bumps became too big and he relapsed. He was a class-act, and will be very much missed. So many people can learn not only from his death, but so much from his life.

    RIP, AM.

  • I agree with Joan, it depends on the strength of the dosage, and how long he had been taking them. I am assuming he’s been on them for a year and were used because of the burns, so if they were 5 or 10 mg’s he wouldn’t have died of an overdose unless there was another underlying health problem, it may have been he was smoking crack and had a heart arrhythmia. You build up at tolerance to the oxy family in that length of time – what I have read is they are going to be giving him an accidental overdose and not suicide as the cause of death. Of course taking pain meds and smoking crack is suicidal on the face of it.

    I hope to God this man did not kill himself intentionally and felt so alone he wanted to die, he was a much beloved person to his friends, I hope that isn’t how he died – broken and in pain, suffering. It’s just too depressing to think about.

  • While reading your comments Wendie something dawned on me. I’m always amazed when I read your ramblings at just how bitter, nasty, vile, careless, vindictive, hateful, rude, ignorant, pathetic…etc…etc.. you are towards others. But, when ever someone drops dead you always seem to be so loving, compassionate, caring, and sympathetic, towards them.

    Here is a bit of advice. Try being loving to people or at least periodically have a kind word……….WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE!!!

    Reading your comments is like either listening to a teenager argue with their parents..i.e. everything is fucking horrible, or the world is coming to an end, you hate everything and everyone, or you are so smart and everyone else is stupid, you are misunderstood….

    Or like now, you act just like that fucking relative at a funeral who hasn’t spoken to or seen the deceased for decades yet they are so full of compassion for the family, crippled with sorrow, and so insightful as to the human condition and the mysteries of every mans journey through life.

    You think you are being profound? You think Beets readers are buying your bullshit? Your a fraud.

    Your existence is so fucking funny. Thanks for the laughs.

    • I agree. But remember: it must really suck for her, feeling so much hate. It takes a lot of energy to maintain hate and negativity.

      • Actually, I take that back because I just looked at Wendie’s Rumer Willis post and I was very pleased that she was the one blogger in the universe not a total c**t to her.

        Thank you, Wendie. I have no reason to like or dislike Rumer, but I damn well feel sorry for her.

  • I have notice that Wendie has been insenitive towards people death too.
    AND @ MochaJellyBean so what if we still read her post and we dont agree. She posts alot on here…

  • Wendie, Good job! Post read, comments posted, idiots voiced their opinion, cash your check and sleep tight. I really hope that on your worst day you do not take any of this bizarre commentary to heart.

  • Wendie, Good job! Post read, comments posted, idiots voiced their opinion, cash your check and sleep tight. I really hope that on your worst day you do not take any of this bizarre commentary to heart. Bejeebus, May my heart expand a smidge for my little ESL friends. THINK IT THROUGH….PROOF READ

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