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Rumer Does Letterman

Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis taped David Letterman last night — I’m pretty sure her appearance got bumped to tonight’s show.  Here’s the thing:  I cannot find any haterade within me for this girl.  The tabloids love to bash Rumer for her looks and acting, but I … I dunno … I kinda like her.  I think she has a very unusual look and doesn’t seem like a coked-out freak.  That goes a long way with me.

I’m not thrilled with her dress, but she’s got a killer body and I think the longer hair is so much more complimentary.  See?  I do have the capacity to look kindly upon certain celebs.  I hope I didn’t shock any of my peeps to death.

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  • I concur! And she hasn’t jumped on the plastic surgery bandwagon. She is also young, and will figure out her style and what looks good on her in a few years.

  • Maybe you like her because you feel as though you are around the same caliber as her..? She’s a normal looking chick that you could bump into at the mall. It’s just a guess but psychologically speaking, a lot of woman hate on other women because they feel threatened by them–especially celebs because all we see is just the surface! I think us woman need to learn how to admire one another and not go against them! Woman.are.beautiful.

    • truer words have never spoken; i actually think rumer is kind of annoying – that slack – jawed look she always has is weird. She can’t really jump on the plastic surgery bandwagon because they’d just have to destroy her jawline and reconstruct from there.

    • ew, hmm. wendie is not deformed like rumor. you’re tripping.

      Wendie, love you, despise Rumor, but I guess we can’t agree on everything :)

      oh and I like her dress! ha

  • i do not want to sound catty, but i am afraid of that chin. she is stunning otherwise. seems to have a very real personality. but that chin draws me in. its like standing on the edge of a cliff being worried you’ll fall. except here, it is i am worried she’ll chop down trees and smash boulders with that owchie chin while too close to me.

  • David tapes two shows a day when he does…so he essentially works every other day, unless something totally news worthy happens that he needs to monologue.

    I like her too.

    • Hair color and long face are the only bad things you can see on her? THE ONLY BAD THINGS? Dude, she looks like Optimus Prime. Plus she’s one more celebrity kid who’s been handed a SAG card stapled to their birth certificate. Sucks balls that there are tons of great actors who don’t get roles because of celebrity kids.

  • “Haterade”???? Really???? “Haterade?”

    Dave tapes two shows on Thursday as he doesn’t tape Fridays. Otherwise I’m quite certain he tapes Monday – Thursday.

    She’s ugly. She looks ok in that picture but she should really consider lip injections. I’m not saying surgery is always the answer but fuller lips would balance out the Quagmire-ness of her face.

  • my one complaint is that spooge face she’s always making, and she forever stands in the exact same pose. i can imagine her snapping into position the minute the cameras appear, with a lock and a click.

  • …..And I have to say it takes a lot of courage and tough skin to put up with criticism from strangers who don’t know her. I don’t think I could do it.

    • Wasn’t it tater tot face or something? I remember laughing about that. HAAaa! But, I like her I just wish she would smile!!!

  • why was she on letterman? is she promoting something? or does being the spawn of demi moore and bruce willis in and of itself qualify you for a guest spot on late night talk shows?

  • she is UGLY! she does look like potatohead. her chin is ungodly. for having such pretty parents she is fugugly. sorry. but she is.

  • Not one person dissing her chin can claim perfection themselves, no one is perfect, and it is pathetic to think others should be to please you. I think the fact that she has not changed it to be more cookie cutter is wonderful. I am so tired of all the woman in Hollywood having the same nose, chin, and botoxed expressionless face. If Demi and Bruce did nothing else they made sure Rumor loves herself enough to accept all off herself regardless of what others think.

  • Somehow there is something very sexy about her in some kind of way. Sometimes.

    And I would guess that she is a very lovely person, too.

  • i feel bad for the girl b/c people hate on her so much just b/c of her chin. what else has she done to offend people so much? it’s like just b/c her mom is a beauty queen and she is a child of a celeb and an up-and-coming actress, she should be beautiful. she’s not coked up and making sex videos and driving drunk and throwing drinks at people in clubs. she just has a big head. leave her alone.

    • well, people hate her too because there is no reason she is famous besides that her parents were famous. a normal girl that ugly would have NEVER made it whatsoever, unless she was playing the ugly friend in a movie.

  • I saw the interview and she came across as very sweet and articulate. First time I’ve ever seen an interview with her, and she came off very different than all the gossip websites make her out to be. Gossip is fun….but often hurtful. Nice to see someone who comes across as very different than how she is painted.

  • Right on, Wendie. I quite like Rumer and really don’t think she’s half as ugly as everyone says – in fact, with the new hair, I think she’s quite stunning.

  • Yeah, I’d like her hair better if it covered her whole face. And she would be smoking hot if someone burned her alive. She is so ass ugly. If ugly has a face this is it. I swear this is Jay Leno’s illegitimate daugther. They can post billboards on her forehead. Dogs won’t play with her unless you tie a pork chop around her neck. Blech…blech… blech…now see what you made me do, I’ve got to clean up a bit of vomit. It’s a rumer she is good lookin’. SO UGLY.

  • I don’t really think she is likable. She is riding her famous mom and dad’s coattails. She IS NOT very good at acting. Sorority Row. Are you kidding me?! My opinion has absolutely nothing to do with her unfortunate face.

  • She has an elegant, mature look about her. Very high society. Rare in such a young girl. I hope she never has plastic surgery. We don’t need a nation of identical Barbie dolls. I haven’t seen her act, but I see a lot of petty jealous in these comments. Go Rumer is all I can say.

  • There is no plastic surgery that can fix a huge overgrown jaw and chin. She never smiles in photos because she has been told not to because it exagerates her linebacker jaw and thin lips. She should not have gone into an acting career because only very beautiful women succeed in this unforgiving profession. She is already very rich and can get a new career.