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The Many Looks of Christina Applegate


OK, loves. We’re almost done promoting ABC’s TV on DVD. I promise. This part is actually a lot of fun. They wanted a photo gallery. I was like “A photo gallery? Shall I take pictures of my television? Or perhaps just my DVD player?” But they were willing to be a little flexible, so I thought it would be fun to do a fashion retrospective on Christina Applegate, the star of ABC’s Samantha Who? (Hey, you can buy the DVDs of it here!) This turned out to be a lot of fun, because, frankly, going through photos of Christina Applegate starting in 1987 is extremely amusing. She may be a beautiful girl and a talented actress, but this was a young woman just crying out for a stylist. It doesn’t help that no one looked good during the 80s. Also fun is looking at the old photos of the men she was with: Enjoy discovering the 1980s looks of Brad Pitt, Matt Perry and Alice Cooper in these photos. And, hey, while you’re at it, go buy a DVD of an ABC show. Beet out.

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    • No, but Brad Pitt is HOT! I would change place with her, in that time, anytime…. I would bleach my hair… I would wear weird clothes for him…

  • I grew up with her and her breast cancer kind of hit a little too close. What’s really upsetting are all the photos of her smoking.

  • Even though it could have come out before I was born, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead was a really great movie.

  • did she date brad pitt or matthew perry? and is that guy she’s holding hands with in the 18th pic chris cornell?

  • I never understand all the hate spilled onto this Gossip blog.

    Everyone has to have a job in order to pay their bills.

    So if Beet needs to talk about ABC shows… so be it. The girl has bills to pay.

    So I am baffled by the hate filled post’s here… if it is so offensive to your sensitive nature for Beet to earn a living… please move on. It is sad to see someone have a mental breakdown over a this simple post about Christina Applegate and her wonderful “Samantha Who?” show.

    Tho I am baffled by ABC wanting to push selling “Samantha Who?” now since they so brutally canceled it. So ABC can bring us more reality TV.

    Now… holy crap… I forgot Christina used to bleach her hair for “Married with children”…. and dang how about those natural eyebrows.

    I don’t know what is worse… having fuzzy eyebrows or having Sharpie brows.

  • if i was christina applegate, i would sue this blog post-haste! (just kidding, i love this blog, i don’t want anyone to sue Beet!)

    but jesus harlan christ on a donkey! those are some FUGly pictures!

    makes me feel much better about my misguided 80s and 90s style choices! goooooood lord!

  • I’m just thrilled that she managed to grow up in the spotlight and stay a fairly normal, nice human being.