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Maybe That Divorced Dads Pilot Didn’t Get Picked Up?

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin has opened up a lemonade stand to help supplement his income.  Sure, the paps are reporting it as Jon participating in a fundraiser in hopes of keeping the local volunteer fire station open (and if that’s even true, I’m sure they were filming it for a J&K+8 episode), but I think we know the truth.  Speaking of truth …

Jon seems to be trying to communicate something via his shirt.  “Lies.”  I’m getting all Carnac the Magnificent on your ass — if the answer is “Lies” what is the question?  Some possibilities:

1)  What am I really good at telling?

2)  What, in my opinion, was the basis of my marriage to Kate?

3)  How do I keep my two young and blond girlfriends happy?

4)  How will I keep my kids from hating me when they get older and read all about me?

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  • my theory on his shirt is he is trying to get back at TLC because they keep blurring his Ed Hardy shirts….well he’s definetly trying to send a message regardless

  • Trust the two older ones have googled dad and already think he’s a douchebag. Kids are already programming at their age, so yikes for Jon if he thinks he’s getting over on his girls. When you think about it, having him for a father must be very shameful, I’m sure school is difficult for the two older girls.

    Morals clauses are signed just for the reasons Jon can’t comprehend, a family show with a father who’s bedding young girls with drug and alcohol problems probably does qualify as a breech, way to go idiot. He’ll be easy enough to lose on the show, he’s rarely with the kids anyway. He’s only there for the paycheck as it is.

  • I think he’s so fortunate to be rid of kate the shrew. If you’d watched the show, you’d realize she was sooo much a ball buster it’s surprising he stayed as long as he did. Let’s see who she orders around while sitting sipping latte’ this season. He’s a good guy and in my opinion, needs to keep doing what he has to in order to finally enjoy life. Watch past shows and you’ll see what I mean.

    • I’ve watched the show since the beginning, and I’m very aware of how awful Kate can be. However, the bottom line is that he cheated on her and there is nothing that can justify that. If he didn’t love her anymore he should have ended the marriage. Now that he is out of the marriage he’s parading around with more than one woman and pretty much showed what a man child he really is.

      Neither of them seem to be good people.
      I feel terrible for their kids.

  • She did treat him badly, but in her defense he’s completely incompetent and had to be monitored just as closely as the kids, so as far as being much help, he wasn’t really. Unless he was playing golf then he was competent. He wasn’t very much help or support, I’m surprised she didn’t snap sooner.