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Ashley Judd’s Going to Harvard


Congrats to Ashley Judd, who somehow manages to be an Angelina Jolie-style without making a scene of it, Angelina Jolie-style. The actress has enrolled in the Harvard Kennedy School’s Mid-Career Master in Public Administration (MC/MPA) program. The MC/MPA is designed to “increase the knowledge and skills of well established, high-performing professionals, who seek to enhance their public service careers or to move from the private sector to a leadership position in either the public or non-profit sectors.”

Former program graduates include Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Ashley Judd may not be elected valedictorian, but her classmates will definitely vote her “Easiest Name to Pronounce.”

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  • I love her, and she leaves Angelina in the dust! Please don’t compare the two, Ashley deserves better.

  • She knows if you are working for the gov’t. you don’t get taxed.
    Ashley Judd Shows Off Her Public Education
    by Jeffrey Jena
    I grew up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. There were two major industries there – an oil company and a steel mill, and yet I’m only the seventh most famous person from that town.

    There was Henry Clay back in the pre-Civil War day who was a senator and known as “The Great Compromiser, ¨ which means he was the John McCain of his day with no core beliefs he wouldn’t drop for the sake of getting along.

    Ashland Kentucky also produced that achy breaky Billy Ray Cyrus, game show host Chuck Woolery and three Judds. Ashley Judd wasn’t born there but lived back in the land where coal meets iron off and on as she was growing up. Ashley went on to study at The University of Kentucky where she majored in anthropology, theater and woman’s studies, which meant she was destined for Hollywood, a counseling job at the U of K student center or management at the local McDonalds.

    Fortunately for Ms. Judd the whole Hollywood thing worked out for her and she is now beginning a new career as a political activist. While I have often said to that the greatest thing about America is that we have the right to be as stupid as we want, Ms. Judd has recently demonstrated that we in Kentucky have a way to go before we shuck off our image as being one of the less literate states.

    Here are some of her recent pronouncements on the state of affairs in the country. She kicked off her trifecta of stupid back in September by declaring that “a woman who votes for McCain-Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” Got it? In Ms. Judd’s world any woman who is not for a strict liberal agenda is a moron. This is how she’s reaching out to the right and uniting the country under her new hero President Obama. Have you ever noticed that when a leftie talks about coming together or uniting the country or ending partisan politics that what they really mean is that conservatives should drop their core beliefs and do what the left wants? When Bush was in the White House dissent was their patriotic duty. Now if you’re not lock step with the BHO agenda you’re an irrational, obstructionist fascist.

    I wonder if Ms. Judd is on board with Barack´s latest idea to limit salaries to $500,000? I was just wondering how much she made for her last picture. I am pretty sure some Hollywood types had their hands out for some government money. I am sure if you figured it out what Judd’s salary is on a year basis is was well over the top CEO money.

    After the election she made a snarky comment about how now that Bush was out of office it was nice to be living in America again. I have to be honest here and admit I wasn’t crazy about everything Bush did while in office. In fact, in a past blog I named him the greatest Democrat President ever. But she was speaking about “reproductive rights,” which is politically correct speak for unfettered abortion. I challenge her to find one woman in this country who was prevented from or prosecuted for having an abortion the past eight years. As easy as it is to toss around accusations in this country, I wonder how long Ms. Judd’s political activism and support of women and gay rights would play in Tehran?

    Then this week Ashley voiced an ad for a far left animal rights group protesting Governor Palin’s support for aerial wolf hunting. Again, I don’t know what world Ms. Judd lives in where the lives of wolves are more important to her than the lives of unborn children, but since she supports unfettered abortion and opposes the killing of wolves one must assume in her morality wolves trump kids.

    Since the killing of arctic wolves is necessary to protect other animals, I suppose she even has a hierarchy of animals that need protection. I´d hate to see where right wing nut jobs like me finish on her food chain.

    • “a woman who votes for McCain-Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” Ha ha – makes me like her more.

    • I never knew Ashley Judd could inspire someone to become so whipped up. Drink some tea and settle yourself – this is a gossip site that reported on a person trying to educate themselves. As you clearly have an advanced degree in All Ashley Judd Biographical Factoids.

      • Miss Ashley was a PRUDE! She always acted like she was better than all of us. Her Mom once arrived at school and acted like an old Hooker! The so called (JUDDS) are NOT what they are cracked up to be at all!!!!!!!!!!

      • Diana Judd is a Spoof! Along with Chis Judd! They are not at all woman from Heaven at all! Its only the Music Business that makes them so. Both of these ladies are face painted and moled by the record company.

    • this girl is a HIll BIllie~ Just like her Mama and Sista! These Ladies slept their way 2 the Top .

  • It’s good that she has a back up plan in place now that her movie career is pretty well washed up. I just wish it it didn’t involve anything to do with political activism, though. I’d say about 99% of all celebrities who shoot off their yaps about the state of domestic and world affairs sound like they have their heads pretty far up their asses. And yes, I’m talking to you, Sean Pean, Jeannine Garafolo, Rosie O’Donnell, and Alec Baldwin.

  • I am sure Loco is much better informed on the international HIV and Women’s Rights issues that Ashley Judd has traveled extensively for. I am sure Loco has also been to the brothels and hospices and villages that Judd has. Gee Ashley, don’t you know how dumb you are and that you should just sit around silently and look pretty for us? Please don’t try and use that mind of yours for anything but memorizing lines.

  • As a Mexican citizen, in my humble opinion, Harvard should burn, delete and bury anything that says Felipe Calderón did a masters there…sorry, wasted money and teacher’s time there.

    Hope she does great, she does seem smart to me…although is not like ANYONE here knows her enough, or at all, to be sure her IQ is enough for it

  • Ashley Judd sucks. She does not belong at Harvard.She only cares about herself, not human rights. She makes Harvard look bad.
    This is a university for intellectuals, not the Judds. I have to go vomit now!!

  • Ashley Judd is a fake liberal. It’s not genuine. No one wants to work with her or see her movies, so now she wants to go to Harvard reserved for the intellectually elite, that which, she is NOT. I think all this human rights stuff is a publicity stunt to look like a NE intellectual.A terrible actress. I’ve met her. She’s not nice or attractive. She spoiled and used the celebrity to get into Harvard with fake liberal values. She recently completed 27 lacking credits to graduate in ’07, not 1990 like she had previously presented herself. I doubt she went to classes like the other students in 05-07. Maybe online or correspondance. That U of Kentucky degree is not worth the paper it’s printed on. She’s turned the JFK School of Public Affairs into a cont. edu certificate program. Less than 7% students are admitted to Harvard. This is a disgrace. She does not belong. She’s not welcome. Go home and never come back.

    • To start, at least I was willing to start with something other that anonymous and with that said… Get your facts straight. All of Ashley Judd’s class were complete in 1990, she THOUGHT she needed to complete a class, in 2007 is was shown that all that had been lacking in her file was a single signature that had stopped her diploma from being sent to her. And remember she had graduated with honors BEFORE she was a star. Today she may be a little standoffish at times, but with extremists like around could anyone blame her. As far as UK goes they have a great reputation with a strong background of caring about the human being and strong academics. Harvard on the other had may be very high on academics but it had no concern for the human being that is a student. Harvard needs to look in the mirror and realize they are a disgrace to the human race and that they have been doing nothing but catering to the elite for years. Ashley, show them what a real, caring human being that cares really is.

    • You need to love your own self. You are jealous of an educated beautiful and talented person. I see it everyday !

  • Wouldn’t community college be more appropriate for this B actress? She’s pissed off all of academia. Very unfair to those who’ve worked much harder and are much brighter than this B actress. I’m sure the GRE would prove it. No one needs to make an exception for a WASP. This is not someone who needs a special opportunity. She buys them. Shame on Harvard.

  • She is just another hollyweed wacko pushing her rediclous enviromental agenda she isnt from alaska and shouldnt be aloowed to push her rediculous agenda

  • she uses big words too much, as if all who she speaks to have harvard degrees…it’s very condescending when she is trying to speak to the masses

  • Happened upon this mess accidently but am flabbergasted with all the hate shown…. How many of you have made a success of your life? In the days of bullying… you all do a great job of elementary school bad behavior.

  • oh yes haters rejoice,
    she is
    class act.=
    Everything your NEVER goin to be. like oprah tonight seeing the fam on and i love ashley best and the mother still look better than most 1/2 her age god bless her,and i love the REALNESS
    of wynonna.and ash congrats.