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The Story I’ve Been Avoiding All Day

Joe Jackson, Randy Jackson, Katherine Jackson

The Jackson family was in court today and Katherine Jackson was officially named permanent guardian of Michael’s three children.  In itself, this isn’t big news.  Kelly and I have both already reported about the $4M acquisition that made bio mom Debbie Rowe a whole lot richer.  

But, similar to every episode of The Bachelor, there was a twist:  Michael’s dermatologist, Arnie Klein sent representing counsel to the courtroom today.  His attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan raised non-specific objections to the custodial arrangement.  In addition, Klein wanted a say in certain decisions regarding the children’s education and day-to-day parenting.  Since the doctor has no legal connection to the kids, his lawyer was swiftly escorted out of the room.

Doesn’t this just confirm that MJ was obviously getting so much more than skin bleach and grafts when he went to see the dermo?

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  • Ok, seriously, who is really going to RAISE these kids? I understand that Grandma has legal custody and baby-factory momma has parental rights, but who is going to be the parent and RAISE them?
    Grandma has to be over 80 as is grandpa…maybe the Jackson kids we have not heard of that DO NOT resemble Michael/Janet/Latoya wil lend a hand and RAISE these white kids healthy in a black family.
    Huh, did I just say that?