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Do We Love This or Leave This?


Ciara was at Nobu last night for the TXT L8TR campaign sponsored by Express, wearing what can only be described as a bow-xedo.  What do you think of this red, satin, strapless … thing?  I’m in total support of banning texting while driving, but what action can we take to ban bad pantsuits and dyed-to-match pumps?

The Hilton sisters were there, as well as America’s and Beet’s favorite, Mandy Moore.  Beet, I put an extra pic of Mands in the gallery — no need to thank me.   Kellan Lutz, Oliva Wilde, Josie Maran and the perpetually pregnant girlfriend of Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves, also made a showing. 


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  • I actually kinda like her outfit. I’ve never been a fan of her music OR her looks, but this suits her. Pumps might look better black or something, but still cute.

  • I don’t know y’all – if this were black, it might have been kinda hot!!! If Posh had been wearing it (obviously in black) everyone would have gone ga ga over it!

  • I almost like it, it’s just that I get a real camel-toe vibe from those pants. And, yeah, lose the shoes.

  • Oh CiCi. The only woman who could turn me lesbo in a heartbeat.
    She can do no wrong… The shoes are fine. Black would have been too boring.

  • I have to agree with the comment… that if Posh had this on… everyone would fall all over them self praising her “edgy look”.

    It is not a bad outfit… and Ciara is super slender… so she can wear it without having the thunder thigh/saddle bag thigh thing going on.

    I prefer the matching red shoes with this outfit. It continues the smooth flow of the pants to her shoes. Black shoes would have broke up the line and just look hard.

    I am just happy to see that Ciara avoided wearing those awful big chunky platform shoes, that Posh would have thrown on with this outfit.

  • The outfit is fine, the shoes kill it. Too matchy matchy.

    I hope thats a lil wig she has on and that she didnt chop her hair off. I hate the short hair on her.