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How High Is Kristen Stewart?

Scale of 1-10, guys, with 1 being your local Mormon missionary and 10 being your really really high local Mormon missionary.

This isn’t weed high, either. Stoned Kristen is much more bored-looking and far less reactive. This is something more … interesting than that. So let’s make that the second part of this game. First: How high is Kristen Stewart? And second: What’s she on? (Combo guesses are allowed.)

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  • I say pain-killers or vicadin, and trying to be cool? Or being a “bad ass” that she thinks she is, which she isn’t, obviously. She’s so fucking stupid.

  • I say cocaine, or speed, or meths- she looks like she is tweaking- there is certainly manic energy there.
    That girl is pretty vulgar looking, – she looks like a grease ball. She needs a good bath. Actually pretty much the whole Twilight cast looks like that.

    • If you were on cocaine, speed or meth you wouldn’t be calm. Its probably a relaxing drug, like I said before ^^^^. But your correct on all the grease, along with the whole cast.

  • If I had to be in a room with Twihards, I’d be so out of it myself. I’m guessing she took a few hits out of her bong before ComiCon.

  • i think she is on mdma or ecstasy
    too happy, too fast, speaks nonsense
    taylor doesnt seem to think its weird

  • Taylor is probably used to it by now. Go watch the movie “Speak.” She’s been not giving a fuck since way back when.

  • Im quite concerned Beet readers appear to know more about drugs than anyone! I havent a clue but im gonna say all of the above! Hahaha! I dont speak from experience and i dont know which drugs do what to you so my uninformed guess with limited knowledge would say SHE’S ON DRUGS!! Haha! Not a clue! She’s not the same non-responsive twat she usually is, she’s a responsive twat today! Haha!x

  • Whether she’s inebriated or not, this is the most ‘human’ I’ve ever seen Kristen. She seems comfortable and not fidgety in front of the press like she normally is, hey perhaps she’s just stoned all the rest of the time!

  • Hey guys, does it not occur to you that she is doing it just to calm her nerves. Apparently the effect on her is quite opposite especially to the eyes of others. She is very shy and not used to the public attention or to be the center of the attraction yet. She has to learn it still. She can act in every interviews if she wants but then it is not her who is talking. She speaks what is in her mind but unfortunately inarticulate as we want it to be. Some people has notion of actors of being perfect. They are scrutinized of every moves they are making and every words they are saying. Just one mistake and will be convicted forever. The actors are just like us. People. Their only difference from us is that they do not have the same privacy we are enjoying. So back off if she looks to you High or Stoned. It is her life and it is her choice.

    • “the actors are just like us”
      55.6% of people 18-25 have used drugs. factor in tons of cash and free time and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm.
      so it’s more than possible, likely even, that she is in fact using drugs.

      but to the original question, molly or ecstasy definitely. licking lips, looking off in distance, bouncing around, feeling her hair, speaking fast with no direction… she’s the poster child of rolling in this video. somebody give her a hula hoop and some glow sticks.

      • Are you serious? You got that from a video? I had to look at it twice after I read what you wrote…
        You CANNOT tell by that video shes using drugs.
        Nervousness, anxiety, thinking of how to answer an on the spot question, her being anxious to get the hell out there…who the fuck knows?
        I am stunned really at what people are concluding from this what, 1 min video. I understand, people make nasty comments cuz its an outlet and these sites bring out the “mean girl” in everyone and hey,
        why not make fun of and pass judgment people you dont know cuz its easier then examining your own life. I guess its fun, breaks the monotony of a boring day at the office and theres no way you could say these thing out loud cuz lets face it, people would think you were a huge douchebag.
        I GET IT.
        Anonymous (i am not even going to log on to your stupid link, as I am sure it gives a fabulous cookie cutter description of how to tell someone is on dope)
        I am going to tell you I hung out at the Limelight in NY in the early 90s and saw plenty of people on plenty of shit and I can tell you THERE IS NO REAL WAY TO TELL HOW A PERSON ACTS ON A PARTICULAR DRUG.
        And for sure there certainly is no way to tell what a person is on, if anything from a friggin ! MIN VIDEO!!
        I enjoy a little gossip as much as the next person , but I honestly get a little more turned off by this shit with every day I look at it.
        Now its like “look at this picture, isnt she fat?” or “she must be on drugs” or “how funny she just got dumped”
        When did it become fun to laugh at peoples problems, make shit up and spread rumors that you have no actual facts to back them up??
        Oh yeah, JUNIOR HIGH.
        But we all were supposed to have grown up.

      • I’ve seen about 5 other clips from this same day. This is nothing compared to the others. She’s on something fo sho. LOL. And it ain’t Mary Jane.
        Btw, who is saying it’s funny? It’s think it’s disgraceful for anyone to go anywhere, no less an extremely high profile function, in this state. It’s disrespectful to the people around her and she should not get a “break” because, boo hoo, she’s a stressed out celebrity.

  • i see nothing wrong… media.. i’m sorry, bad media i meant to say.. labeled her as someone who tries to be bad ass etc.. when its obvious that its not like that.. you dont really see her clubbing and going around with different guys every week like other girls that get posts on this site.. as for the stoned thing.. my guess is that she’s just nervous and i would be too if i was at a festival with thousands of screaming fans…

  • I am sorry that girl is clearly tweaking.
    She has that hyper manic energy, where she is near vibrating, then she just spaces out, then goes back to the hyper state.
    Twilight is huge amongst the tweenies and teenies. She is a role model for that age group. In that state her people and especially the movie producers should not let her out in public to do interviews. As what a great example for your kids to look upto.
    DRUGS AIN’T KEWL Y’ALL and that clip proves it.

    • your an idiot..and I want to say that to almost EVERY poster but it would take up half my day .
      This girl is an actress playing a role. She is NOT a role model. And parents need to tell their kids that. And if you show me a kid who started using drugs cuz they found out their favorite actor was using them, I will show you a parent not doing their job.

  • @meohmy
    Why dont you just fantasize about have sex with a PIZZA ,as in that clip she looks just like a puddle of grease– just like a pizza .
    But at least a pizza is good to eat, unlike an unwashed person. Especially 1 with sour junkie sweat

    • UMM NO
      You would only be that manic without drugs if you were ADD/ADS and not on your Ritalin. LOL
      Also she is not usually like that.
      Also why would she be that excited around a bunch of comic book geeks ( which I am 1- though not there this year)

  • how come no one pointed out the hilarious fact that Taylor backs away when she attempted to kiss him? i thought that was the golden moment of this video, lol.

  • I’m going with ecstacy, too. The minute she started with her hair that was the first drug that popped into my mind. Have fun, Kristen, but try not to roll when you’ve got public appearances to make, m’kay.

  • The running her hands through her hair signaled coke or x to me. When she turned the side and sniff (or possibly licked her hair) I had to think the odds were more x.

    I’d like $ for every time she used the word “like”.

    Taylor not only backed away when she half ass tried to kiss him, he also looked a bit concerned every time she started rambling.

    My guess is she read her own press about how lifeless she is due to her pot smoking and decided to mix it up to appear more animated. Well…she was animated alright. Now if she could be even remotely normal, well that would be interesting.

  • She definitely had a few lines before doing that interview.

    Coke I mean…

    She could actually do with a bong just to calm that energy

  • She doesn’t look hight to me, maybe she took a hit of ex though. But damn, wouldnt you be high if you had to talk about this shit over and over again and again. I read the Twilight series, it was cute, and now I’m over it. I cant help but think they all probably feel the same way. Bored with it already. Go Kristin!!! Love her.

    • BORED WITH IT?!?!?! YOU MUST BE JOKING ME!!! These people are being paid huge sums of money to portray these characters – bored with it – give me a break!!! Poor little actors are bored and would rather just travel around spending all their money – f-ck that noise…they better stay focused and interested!

  • I am going to say X just because she is running her hands through her hair. She is also sweating pretty badly too so she must be up there on the Mormon scale. I am so over her. She one of those celebrities that wants to look like they don’t give a shit, but you know they do.

  • how do you turn off that followup comment email b.s.? Somehow it was checked off on my last post [even though I never use it =S] and it’s driving me nuts.

  • i dont know what she was on but the first new moon panel they did with the press was just rediculous. i was wondering the whole time wtf she was on. shes actually BETTER in this clip than she was earlier in the day. it definitely is not weed that made her like that.

  • She clearly either popped or snorted a few aderol, ritalin, or dexedrine before this interview….she is too scattered and unfocused – my money is definitely on some form of amphetamine!!!

    • clearly Jenna has no idea what the hell she is talking about!!! Crack cocaine?!?!?! Who the hell says that except some out-of-the-loop housewife in Connecticut wearing a track-suit and slippers?!?!?!

  • You guys are all hilarious. She seemed totally normal to me and what she said made sense. She was about as articulate as any other young actor. I guess I will have to remember never to run my fingers through my hair or sweat when I go out in public. ..I might get picked up for being under the influence.

  • I’m really surprised no one said heroin. The head scratching the jaw shifting the inability to make a point…. and it would account for the dazed expression. This isn’t the 90’s I highly doubt she would come to the interview rolling…. maybe during a night out but heroin is for coping and with the twilight maniac fans I’m sure she needs it. Plus look at the Joan Jett persona she was trying to convey even before she was cast for the part… if it’s anything it’s heroin.

  • i don’t think she seems high at all. yeah so she’s fidgety, so what? you’re gonna accuse her of using every drug known to man? i thought what she said made sense.

  • I’d bet money that she’s on E.
    I’ve filmed myself on drugs, and it looks almost identical.
    That girl is a tweaker, for ssuree.

  • she is 1.) super duper high 2.) on cocaine. the regular red-carpet kristen stewart can’t even be bothered to look interested in the fact that she is absurdly famous, and acts bored by the burden that is being a super star. this kristen looks like she is feeling pretty good about life, and snorted mad lines.

    • “the regular red-carpet kristen stewart can’t even be bothered to look interested in the fact that she is absurdly famous, and acts bored by the burden that is being a super star. this kristen looks like she is feeling pretty good about life”

      THANK YOU! HELLO, people! I’m laughing to myself that no one has pointed this out. I’m not even a fan of the girl but I’ve seen quite a few interviews and she NEVER acts like this. It’s just as you described. Duh.

  • Several people have said she is on x because she keeps running her hand through her hair, but she always does that. I even remember someone complaining in another post that it annoyed him or her that she kept touching her hair.

    And I though what she said made perfect sense. I’m not saying she’s not on something — I don’t know. But what she said made sense.

    • What the fuck was she doing at the beginning of the interview? Haha.
      I’m gonna say X, coke, speed or some type of pill that she smashed up and snorted.
      Oh, and Ashley, Just because she fills her hair all the time or in all the other interviews doesn’t mean she isn’t on X/coke/pills/something …all the time.
      And I agree Jackie.
      and MissCogito …Just because she made since , doesn’t mean she’s not high.

  • omg ppl she does this all the time ! suddenly shes on speed or sumthin? wtf? i mean she does mary j … she doesnt look high u blind fools who criticize every celebrity that does sumthin wrong :p

  • FINALLY!!!

    I’ve been wondering WTF she’s on for several months now. C’mon Kristin, keep it together! She’s, no doubt, on coke or pills or something.

    I saw an interview with her and R Pattz on a French tv show, and the question was “What do you like least about each other?” and R Pattz straight up said without hesitation, “Her personality.”

    I agree.

  • Truthfully I would put money on she is rollin’ out of her mind. Anyone whose seen someone on X could tell and ASHLEY WTF she lost track of what she was saying quite a bit. I feel bad that on youtube all the mini Fanpires are like I’m 12 and I think it’s cool she does coke it’s her life and blah blah. That is scary when I was 12 I was scared to smoke pot let alone do anything harder. I just hope they have in intervention or something cause it’s starting to show I know people say oh it’s for her movie well at Comic Con she wasn’t filming Joan Jett(she was doing a twilight interview) and You didn’t see the others in character they were all cleaned and sober.

  • She is definately on something. I would say x or speed. Something along those lines. She’s bouncing around and is acting even stranger than usual, touching her hair all the time and constantly looking around. Also if you look at her she has lost a lot of weight. She was skinny before but she is a stick now. She looks sick. Speed usually does that to you. Maybe she is taking them all? Who knows?

  • This clip doesn’t even show the worst of it. I felt bad for Taylor watching the other clips. He’s standing next to her calm and articulate and she is completely out of it, making it very awkward. It’s disrespectful to everyone around her.
    Thank you, people on here, for not saying she’s “on pot.” Good grief. You don’t act like this after smoking weed! The way she rolled her eyes and moves her head around? Give me a break. I’m shocked that she went out to an event in this condition.

  • I’ve seen her high on pot (marijuana) and her eyes appear dead and she’s calm and mellow. But at Comic Con bitch was high as a kite on cocaine.

    where are her parents??
    by the way pot is a gateway drug to other more serious drugs, I like how the company she works for sends her out like that, and yea like i said where are her parents?

  • Fuck you evil beet writers! May you all rot in hell! Also all you kristen stewart haters can shove it! She’s not on drugs! I don’t do drugs either but I can be like that too! It’s fucking normal for some people you ignorant cunts and dicks! Lmfao @ you idiots.

  • are u fuckin kiding me?. why do you defend her. do you know her? is she your best friend? how pathetic.
    if you don like the very logical “she-is-on-drugs theory” here´s the other one: she´s a retard. one of the two.
    the retards are on both sides tho… pretendin to act like this chick and thinkin that she or any other stoner can act. there´s an audience for EVERYTHING. the people who defend this loser call her “bella” for fuck sake. how stupid can they be?
    anyway I support the legilization of drugs…
    but this girl doesn´t have brain cells to spare so… just say no kristen.. or get an OD already!!

  • she’s definitely rollin’.. ecstasy is a mighty fine drug. you just seem crazy to sober people when you’re on it..

    • Oh, and to anybody who said she’s on cocaine, she’d have had to have taken the coke right before that interview to still be super high on it. Besides, people on coke usually seem slightly if not completely paranoid. If she were on heroin, she would either be thinking about heroine or extremely dysfunctional. To anyone who said she’s on meth, you would be right if she were going CRAZY, but she kept it together fairly well. I’m almost positive she’s on E, which does usually have a methamphetamine base of some sort.

  • Oh, and to anybody who said cocaine, she would have had to have done the coke right before that particular interview to still be super high on it. People on cocaine often seem slightly paranoid too. To anyone who said meth, you could be right if she were going CRAZY, but she wasn’t completely out of her mind so I’m almost positive she’s on E, which usually has a methamphetamine base of some sort.

  • I don’t know if she’s on drugs here. But she’s a pothead for sure and it made me want to have a spliff myself…

  • I wonder if the owner of this site ever comes out in the public,hehehehhe. What a way to feed a hungry stomach,but I like it. Id say this is the real homecourt of sore losers, they hate the people they’re trashin’ but they have to STAY COUNTED opposite the HOI POLLOI.
    I’d say….let’s talk bout you, maggots! You won’t get a bite of the pie if you sulk and lurk in this site. You could get a real job by kissing kstew’s ass.

  • More hating and trashing …keep em coming pacos…just more cash for THE STEW….a few goes to this site’s owner…