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Jon Gosselin

The prodigal son returns! Jon Gosselin and his rapidly expanding belly dragged their hungover selves back to Wernersville today, where Jon promptly lit up a cigarette and did his best impression of the Loch Ness monster for the paparazzi. This guy, I’ll tell ya. All class. I’m sure Kate is BEYOND DELIGHTED that he’s smoking cigarettes outside the house while he’s not busy traipsing around the world sucking face with every recent college grad who’ll have him. This is exactly what she had planned for her life.

While Jon nabbed an NYC bachelor pad for his kid-free time, Kate has recently picked up a condo in Rockville, a wealthy part of of Maryland. Why Maryland, you ask? Wellllll, her bodyguard and rumored side-squeeze, Steve Neild, lives there and works just a block away from her new place. (Wait, doesn’t he work for her?) As we exclusively reported yesterday, Jon’s been telling people that Kate was cheating on him before the divorce. This move on Kate’s part only lends credence to the rumors that she was fooling around with Steve.

Oh, man. These Gosselins. When I first tuned in years ago to watch the eight adorable youngsters, I had NO IDEA how much fun the PARENTS would turn out to be. Love it, love it, love it.

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  • You know from the pictures I have seen of Steve he looks like the kind of man possum hair should be with. He looks like he would fit her personality a lot better.

    Also we know Jon is spending money like water i.e. apartment in ny, trips with barely legal girls, and etc. But what is kate doing with her money??

  • If I were kate I would have picked up a little apartment in PA and really soaked up the pity.

    • someone told me about this and i prayed they were joking! i live nearby too and all i can think of are the paps and camera crew infiltrating my neighborhood to get a picture of her coming out of the nordstrom with the kiddies in tow…

  • is REALLY necessary of all the Gosselin updates?
    im sooooo sick of hearing about them!

  • Is it me or is that “cig” Jon is smoking there a little fat?
    And the way he’s holding it looks kind of you know like
    he’s puffin tuff!

  • rockville is not really a wealthy area – mostly malls and yuppies. i lived there and had to move because i was ready to die of boredom. there are wealthy areas that aren’t far away, like bethesda, or chevy chase. in any case, he is repulsive – why does he always look sweaty and bloated nowadays?