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Here’s Chris Brown nestled between two of NYC’s finest before playing in the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic at Harlem’s Rucker Park yesterday.  Oh, life can be so ironic sometimes.

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  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for some… police brutality?! Never thought I’d say it.

  • Beat it like a cop. Rodney King, baby, yeah, I beat it like a cop!
    But I ain’t tryna be violent. And I’ll do the time but her love is timeless!
    Mrs. Officer! I know you wish your name was Mrs. Breezy, huh?

  • Seems to be like little Jack is full of a lot of shit! Get off this site Jack – I like reading the comments as I find the folks that post funny and interesting and then when I get to comments like yours, my stomach turns and my brain just reminds me that idiots like you do exist.

  • Jack, you fucking elephant shit. There is no woman in the Oklahoma Sex Offender Register with that name. Wheres the link? Wheres the proof. There isn’t any. How’s about instead of being a complete douche and calling out horrible claims of someone being a sexual abuser. You take your head and shove it up your piss hole. Good day.

  • Jack, who seems to go by many names has a rather unhealthy interest in Wendie so perhaps she will consider getting her tard magnet removed sometime soon and Jack and his alternyms can find a new home at crybabiesdotcom. He’s starting to really creep people out, I think she cut him off and he’s a little sad about rejection. It’s making him look like restraining order material and nothing more.

    As for ChrisB he used the cops as a photo op, it would have been great instead of standing there in Harlem, where I am sure the cops go on more than their fair share of DV calls, they just took the nightsticks and beat him down to make an example of him.

    Don’t download or support this guy, he learned nothing about keeping his hands off women, and used nude photos to intimidate his victim before the trial. Fuck CB. Kill him where it hurts – his wallet.