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How many different hotels do you think there are in New York City?  I don’t know the exact number, but I think we can all agree that there are quite a few.  So, why in the world did Rihanna and Chris Brown — the two who aren’t supposed to be within 50 yards of one another — both stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower this weekend?

The two singers checked into separate rooms on Friday.  They then spent the next two days coming and going in separate cars.  Saturday evening, Brown checked out, once he realized the press caught on reportedly once he realized Rihanna was staying at the same hotel.  If he did violate the restraining order, it would void his probation and he would be charged with misdemeanor (sigh) assault.  Mark Geragos, Brown’s attorney, was asked about Chris’ whereabouts.  He replied, “I don’t want to be quoted on something hypothetical.”

I’ve had suspicions that these two would eventually get back together.  I am still hoping that I’m wrong.  Please, God.

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  • Wow. Way to be a great role model. When he swells her eyes shut again (and he will), at least she will a) suffer alone in private or b) still be able to hear all of us say “I told you so!”
    An ex got his meathooks all over me & my face once & I got up and GOT THE HELL OUT of there. Anyone who stays for a second helping of knuckle sandwich is an idiot.

  • I agree jacq! I say LET them get back together, then the dialogue around abuse can open up about how women cooperate with their abusers. That’s the only reason it can ever continue to go on. He just didn’t beat her up enough for her to want to stay away forever. *The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Jacq, spazhatchet,
    they were in the same (very large) hotel. How does that mean they’re back together?

    I was beaten up by an ex I worked with. I didn’t immediately quit my job and often ran into him at work. I sure as hell wasn’t trying to get back together with him just because we worked in the same building.

    • You do have a point there Alzaetia, and I hate to burst your bubble with it, but sadly, you are the exception and not the norm. I’ve witnessed it first hand – a pregnant girl getting beaten by her man in front of her 15 month old baby in his stroller. Guess who went batshit crazy on the cops when they tried to arrest him.

      So yeah…..

    • Hopefully not here Donkey, but I do look forward to the day that someone kicks the shit out of you and you post something about it….now that will be a good day!

      • Agreed Reno. And Donkey Punch; just because a woman got beat up by a guy and tells her story, it doesn’t make her a man hater. God, you’re so annoying. I really wish someone would beat the crap out of you (perferably a huge guy) and hopefully knock some sense into you.

  • Why do people continue to respond to Donkey Punch, he NEVER asks or answers a real question.
    He is here to troll, and every time one of you respond to his tripe, you validate his existence here.
    Stop feeding the trolls!