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Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Taking A Break. Sure.


I’ve been waiting for this story to surface.  Chris Brown and Rihanna have decided to take a break in hopes of getting their minds clear.  I call total bullshit on this.  This isn’t a break, this is called, “Oh shit, if we ever hope to sell another album we better do something,” PR spin.

It explains why they are far apart from each other right now.  Brown is in L.A. working on his music and Rihanna has been in New York visiting friends and being photographed looking completely healthy and fine.

Now, let me tell you how this will unfold:  To the public, they will remain apart and on opposite coasts for a period of time.  When the media attention dies down, they will “reunite” and release a statement interspersed with words like “growth” and “maturity” and “respect” and “healthy.”   Rihanna and Chris will indicate their commitment, not just to each other but to their respective anger management counseling sessions.

Cynical?  Perhaps.  The good news is that nothing would thrill me more than to be wrong regarding this “break” being nothing more than an engineered scam.  Let’s hope these two stay far away from one another for life.

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  • You know what the sickening thing is? (Well, one of many, anyway…)

    Once these two idiots resurface with those words of “growth” and “respect” and all of that other garbage, most of the world is going to put their hands back behind their head, kick up their heels and say, “Wow… Now THAT’S true love.” Talk about manipulation of the masses.

    This is disgusting.

    I hope it’s not a scam either, but I’m not counting my punches before they’re cast.

  • Unfortunately, I think you are totally correct.
    Another Tina Turner – Ike Turner situation in the making.
    Another OJ Simpson and Nicole.
    How stupid can she be ?

    • What a total croc of shit. I don’t think cynicism plays a part in Wendie’s opinion – it’s a dose of reality. These two are realizing the backlash of their very public, dysfunctional relationship. Complete propaganda

  • i’m jumping with you on this one wendie. total bs to save whatever may be left of their careers; respectively… so sad.

  • I second your “bullshit.” Had they really split, Rihanna’s PR would probably have gone the “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar” route. Her PR has to know that this is blatantly bullshit, but what other card do they really have to play if she stays with him? And whatever happened to that Rihanna/Chris Brown duet business? Cross-country song?

  • I agree totaly, this is so predictable.. Broken Up.. A break from one another.. So calculated.. My thought on this is after the Ms. Oprah had her say in the matter grand standing on her show, this really pissed them both off. From reports stating Rhianna respects Lady O’ however, she doesn’t know whats best for her. I think they are giving the Oprahs and public what they want, them not being together right now. They have an unhealthy love for one another and their careers are suffering. This is smart of them, but at the same time I hope they get their heads and emotions in check moving forward. I hear Rhi wants all of this to go away, she really wants people to leave her alone and stay out of her business. What happen with them is not good at all however, neither one of them should be hitting one another period point blank. My prayers are with them both that they have matured from this.
    Trust me she will be back in LA before Chris April court date… Trust Me… I’m 99.9% sure about this.
    I’m a femal and as long as she still feels she got her man in some way shape or form she is feeling better that how she felt on the Beach in Mexico. This is twisted, but its the truth when your young and immature at the age of 19-24. I was once like that myself. Arguing, fussing, we both fighting, then when we are apart for a day or so we both are sick in love and want to love on one another, forgetting about the horrible things that took place when we were at each others throats that is what happens when your young in the mind and in so called love.

  • you guys are soo ugly and retarded…………why do u soo desparately want them to break-up so u can say i told u soo…go get your own life and be negative —-must commenting with such negativity probably don’t have a significant other

    this incident was private to begin with and would have remained that way if not for the lapd

    many couples have spats, blow-ups, misunderstandings….but u do not find a trail of abusive proof to support such a theory here

    instead what u do find from real video clips, interviews, peers accounts, photos are two people who really love each other

    and are willing to put their togetherness before anything else….many of u could stand to learn a thing or two about selfless behavior

    it would be soo easy to give in to the media and u soo called critics but instead they are willing to go through the challenges to stay together that’s real maturity and sincerity

    not some 10sec. life observation, self-righteous bs

    • LOL @ “you guys are soo ugly and retarded”

      was the ugly just thrown in to be super catty, or what? how unintentionally hilarious. If someone has a different opinion than you, it doesn’t necessarily make them retarded, lulu…. and it has nothing to do with one’s attractiveness.

      “must commenting with such negativity probably don’t have a significant other”— does this mean you are alone, lulu? your post was awfully negative as well. I bet a bunch of people would rather be alone than have a DISGUSTING BOYFRIEND WHO BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF THEM AND THREATENS THEIR LIFE.

      we’re sooooo jealous.

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