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Relief On So Many Levels


Where to begin?  First of all, I was really happy and relieved to learn that Samantha Ronson isn’t trying to make the moves on my Portia De Rossi.  The photo agency had the pics tagged incorrectly, and Sam was actually out to dinner with Drea De Matteo.  That raccoon tail really should have been the giveaway.  Two blondes with a “De” in their name, and a photographer who can’t tell the difference between the two — and I’m actually surprised by how similar they do look —  is all it takes to make a mistake and give me a nervous breakdown.  Speaking of nervous breakdowns, it looks like Lindsay wasn’t too happy about Sam and Drea having dinner together.

X17 has video of Lindsay arriving at Sam’s house at 6 a.m. and pathetically pounding on her door.  It’s kind of sad to watch, but it’s good for us to confirm that Lindsay isn’t getting her act together and is just as screwed up as ever.  Ronson let her in and near-immediate yelling commenced.  According to one of the photogs:  “As soon as Lindsay was let in the house, her and Samantha began yelling at each other. Lindsay screamed a little bit at first, but then we heard Sam yell at Lindsay to get the f*ck out of her house! She sounded really irritated, and it seems like Lindsay was picking a fight with her over her dinner with Drea [de Matteo] at Nobu last night.”  You can watch the whole debacle unfold here.

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  • Aha! I knew it didn’t look right but I didn’t pick up on the fact it was actually Drea De Matteo. I just kept thinking that Portia didn’t look as good as usually and where did all those tattoos come from? LOL.

  • Drea de Matteo engaged to Shooter Jennings? No wonder she looks like ass. Shooter Jennings always looks like he hasn’t bathed in weeks and she’s going down that path also.

  • In all fairness, Drea would greatly resemble Portia if the latter had a taste for meth.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Why is anyone who is a photog at Sam Ronson’s house at 6 am? How pathetic is that?

  • clearly YOU didnt know the difference either. HA. HA. HA.

    and of all the people who are somehow immune from your bitterness, you like Portia? i think you’re just sucking up to the boss.