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Rihanna Looking Good! And, Not So Good!


Rihanna looked alternately trashy and fierce in New York City this week.

She cut an impressive figure as she exited the Gramercy Park Hotel last night on her way to 1 Oak.  That’s in pretty stark contrast to earlier in the day when she wore cut-offs, an orange lace bra and an unbuttoned shirt (though thankfully, she did button up while shopping at Barney’s).

Rihanna looks so much happier in really recent pictures.  Now that this Chris Brown court case (and hopefully their relationship) is behind her — save her very stupid desire to have the restraining order removed — she has lots of reasons to smile.

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  • What is with all this ugly 80’s nonsense???? People that try to rock this shit just come off looking like total douchebags, i.e. Lady Gaga, RiRi up there, and Vaj-hammer Ronson. I blame American Apparel and lack of creativity.

    And come on, a jean purse??? Are you fucking for real?

  • Can’t tell if the purse is denim or a Kipling. Either way, there are three specific reasons I cannot stand the bag:
    1. The zip-together shoulder is atrocious
    2. I hate purses so small you can barely cram a tampon in it with straps so long that your hand doesn’t even reach with your arm extended
    3. It is being carried by Rhianna

    What’s the deal with people like her, Kanye and Beyonce stepping out in tragic 80’s clothing being deemed “fashion,” whereas if myself or any average Joe put it on we’d get laughed out of the room? Looks like played-out shit that gets passed up at Goodwill, if you ask me.

  • She is still with Chris….trust. They only “broke up” because she was trying to salvage her endorsements and career. All this “she’s dating Drake” nonsense is nothing but a ploy to get people to forget the drama she has been through and to get publicity for him.

    Give it half a year, they’ll be spotted together. I mean they effin went to that NBA game in the same car.

    Why else would she find the court order a “burden” and want to take away the court order?

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