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Within Striking Distance

As part of his sentencing, Chris Brown was ordered not to come within 50 yards of Rihanna. But both Rihanna and Brown reportedly want to nix that part of the punishment.

“They think it’s unnecessary and ridiculous,” told a common friend of the protection order that was given at this week’s criminal proceeding….“After [the proceeding], Ri and Chris talked on the phone for almost an hour and really worked at becoming friends. They’re solid now.”

But the two are unable to speak in public to one another… The order of protection gives Brown flexibility at music-industry events, instructing that he cannot come within 10 yards of the Umbrella singer.

Let’s not forget that the petulant pugilist (a.k.a. Chris Brown, a.k.a. fart-head) has a song coming out on his new album entitled “Not My Fault” that is supposedly about a female “singer” who gets “caught up” in a relationship with Brown that goes awry and ends up in the papers– “caught up” being the new, hip street slang for “I have a tiny penis and an anger problem and brutally assaulted my girlfriend.”

The album also reportedly features a duet with hypocritical sack of lies Mary J. Blige, who has suffered domestic abuse in the past.

This whole carnival of stupidity drives me up the wall. You’ve got a music industry whose acceptance of Brown borders on condoning domestic violence,  music stars who continue to work with and defend him, and  a victim who won’t stand up for herself.

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  • He’s a total asshole. Mark my words, he will do it again. Guys who beat women up always apologize, send gifts, turn into the most charming, silver tongued devils in he world and then sooner or later they do it again. Stay away from him, girls. He is nothing but trouble. What he did was WRONG.

  • I don’t think we should blame Rihanna though for having trouble standing up for herself. Part of what abuse does is it breaks the victim down and takes away their self-confidence, which would make it hard to stand up for oneself. I wish she would tell Chris to hit the road and keep the restraining order, but if she has trouble with it we cannot blame her.

    But I COMPLETELY AGREE about the music industry’s acceptance of Chris Brown bordering on accepting domestic violence. People need to say “hey look, yeah you were a good musician but what you did was unacceptable and inexcusable” and just ignore him and REFUSE to work with him. I was a fan of his music before this whole ordeal happened, but even so if I were someone in the music industry or I owned a CD store, I would refuse to work with him and I would no longer sell his CDs.

    I still can’t believe he’s not going to jail.

  • I wish one celebrity would tell him in no uncertain terms to fuck off. Seriously. Whoever tells him to his face he’s a jackass gets my eternal love forever.

  • Whatever. My sympathy for her is pretty much out the window. So many people reached out and she completely disregarded it. They both suck.

  • > Part of what abuse does is it breaks the victim down and takes away their self-confidence

    Are you insane? The woman has millions of dollars in her bank account, is surrounded by an entourage that constantly tell her how great she is and wish to serve her every wish, is protected by bodyguards, owns her own mansion, and frequently flies on vacations to tropical islands.

    Stop making ridiculous comparisons to some couple that are married with kids and the man makes and controls all the money.

    • Um she cant have low self-confidence because she has millions of dollars, goes on vacations and has people telling her she is great? That is very ignorant.

      • Do you have eyes? Have you looked at this chick? She isn’t some fat ugly woman. I can fucking guarantee you she has more than enough confidence for a dozen women.

        A pretty girl like this is used to the princess treatment. The whole world falls in her lap.

        Ignorance is not understanding how the world works. You need a little bit more learnin’

      • If money solved all problems, we wouldn’t see so many rich celebrities going through turmoil in their lives.

      • The point that was made was that Rihanna had low self confidence. I argue that someone who has so much success and has earned so much money and fame is more than self confident. I am sure she is an egotistical cunt.

        It is reported she got angry and physically attacked Chris Brown in the car. That is not the action of someone who lacks self confidence. She is not a victim.

      • This isn’t about Rihanna’s case per se, but often times people who come across as egotistical jerks the most are really the ones with the lowest self-esteem.

      • And this one IS about Rihanna’s case- fame, success, huge ego or not, someone with self-confidence does not let someone else beat them up and then stick up for them. All that fame and glory may just be a cover-up for someone who doesn’t know how much they’re really worth.

      • > someone with self-confidence does not let someone else beat them up and then stick up for them

        They do if they are an idiot.

      • It has nothing to do with intelligence. Punch a random homeless idiot on the street and if he has any self worth he sure as hell will fight back, dumb as a twig or not.

    • You are very confused about the workings of the human brain if you honestly believe that someone successful and famous cant have low self confidence.


    • “Mary Allah?” Anyway, from Jezebel:

      “Interestingly, about a month AFTER Brown’s alleged assault on Rihanna… both TMZ and Us reported that [Blige & Brown] were secretly working on a duet during a couple of late-night recording sessions, with producer Polow Da Don, saying, ‘The theme is about being stronger and growing stronger in a relationship.’… the song was originally written for Rihanna before the fight, but after the beat down the producer believed the track — which ironically focuses on overcoming difficult challenges as a couple — would be the perfect duet.

      As we know, if those sessions did indeed take place, nothing ever came of them, and shorty thereafter, Rihanna broke it off with Brown for good. So is this the same song that Blige ended up recording? It certainly seems like it is, considering the lyrics (“We’ve been through it all/ We had some close calls…We’ll survive / As long as you’re by my side”), and the fact that the same producer is attached to each project.”

      • Yes it’s flabbergasting how retards band together in time of crisis. Blige is just as pathetic now as she was years ago when she let some guy treat her badly.

        Just like the Republicans are doing…maybe they should form a new rightist committee called The Brotherhood of Can’t Keep My Peen in Check.

  • I find it very interesting to read the stories written here at Evil Beet concerning the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident. For one, everyone has gone on and on about what an evil and vile person Chris Brown is for the things he has done to Rihanna and how he should be thrown out of the music business. I guess all you need is a gossip blog and that makes you an expert on domestic violence issues as well as the best method of treatment for individuals who have (allegedly) committed such acts. Look up some statistics on how successful jail is at reforming or rehabilitating ANYONE then get back to me and Chris Brown and we’ll consider your jail option. Yes, let’s ruin his music career because so many other R&B artists have such squeaky clean images and we should uplift them instead. In addition, nobody knows what happened that night except for two people-Chris Brown and Rihanna. Not Evil Beet. This society is so quick to jump to our own conclusions it’s disgusting. The main reason that this is even still news or that it was even blown up into such huge proportions is because it involved Rihanna. Here are some other “celebrities” who have been involved in domestic violence cases that are still celebrities despite their DV past: James Brown, Eminem, Evel Knievel, David Hasselhoff, and Bobby Brown just to name a few…

    • A. There were published pictures of Rhianna that clearly showed some beat the crap out of her.

      B. The fact that other assholes beat the crap out of people doesn’t make it OK for Chris Brown to do it.

      C. “Allegedly?” He plead guilty. And see A.

      • Just because someone pleads guilty does not mean they actually committed the crime. There are thousands of cases where people plea down on an offense, take a deal (aka plead guilty) to avoid jail time or get a better sentence, or there are numerous cases where people have actually falsely confessed to committing a crime that they didn’t actually do (the 3 teenagers who confessed to raping and leaving for dead Trisha Meili in central park for instance). So yes, allegedly. And again, I stand by the fact that we do not know what happened that night. Just because there were no published pictures of Chris Brown doesn’t mean he was not a “victim” of domestic violence himself.

        And calling people assholes and other demeaning names who are involved in criminal acts will not help rehabilitate them, but only stigmatize them further.

      • Is Jess a Chris Brown PR plant? Perhaps. Is she also an idiot? I think so.

        What we do know is that there was a witness who heard Rihanna screaming for help, and that she emerged badly beaten, and then Chris Brown confessed. Sounds to me as if he beat the crap out of her.

        What makes you think he didn’t?

    • Well I don’t think she punched herself in the face. Did Chris Brown have a black eye or a fat lip? No. I think it’s high time society looks at these celebullies, domestic violence is certainly not okay.

    • Condemning Chris Brown does not necessarily mean letting other artists with such histories off the hook. It’s just that this one was all over the news, more so than James Brown, Eminem, etc.

  • i remember hearing that the two were to have no contact, otherwise CBDouche would go to jail. even if rihanna initiated the contact, it’s still considered a violation of the court order…HMMMMMMM.

  • Okay I am so fed up with this whole thing okay first of all yes what he did was wrong yes he plead guilty and yes he did a duet with mary. So what as far as i am concerned everyone is giving an opinion on something they don’t know all the facts to. Okay all we know is what the media tells us even though it is clear of what he did to her and he was wrong for it but people are not going to tell him to f off like you want or anything because its not their place this has to do with CHRIS and RIHANNA not the public. He is getting the help he really needs, but honestly I say people need to leave it alone. Everyone is spending more time concerning themselves with what Chris Brown and Rihanna are doing then what matters in the world. I don’t understand Why people are so concerned with their lives than their own. Overall I say as long as she got out the relationship and he is getting couseling by a proffesional meaning a certified pyschologist then we need to leave it alone and let them deal with their issues instead of putting them down. As long as she does not go back to him she is showing her strenghth and telling people that she got out before it got worst because be real their are plenty of people out their who have been hit by their spouses men and women and never got out even though it was apperant what was going on they waited until it go worst. So people stop concerning youselfs with something that you have nothing to do with if at the end of the day you are fans of both of them then listen to their music if you dont then dont but dont concern yourself with their PERSONAL Problem. On top of that dont concern yourself with who they work with even though they are going through something they still got to work so let them duet with who they want. Whether its Mary, or not..

  • Well wtf??? If Rhianna said that, and i wouldn’t doubt it for a second, she’s a fucking idiot. She doesn’t think this is necesary??? really???? well, do i get to say she’s asking for it now?? or do we need to hear more and more of this crap to admit it???? ffs

  • How much you wanna bet these two are still together? Why else would she actually want him to be allowed to see and talk to her?

  • He and his sleazebag attorney intimidating her during this pre trial period. I can tell you all how to make it so he’s not at any industry functions, don’t download his music, complain to the radio station playing his music, contact the advertisers, and don’t buy his CD’s. If he isn’t selling music and isn’t on the radio he can go back home and get a J.O.B, without hanging on to Rhiana’s coat tails he didn’t have much of a career, she had him on HER tours, I’m pretty sure Jay Z is putting him out in the music business, no one will want him on tours, and his fat boy lifestyle goes poof. Some times you have to stand up and be an lesson to others, since he’s minimally talented this shouldn’t be to hard to manage. I think he’ll be footnote on a one hit wonder show in the future. But he doesn’t deserved to live a rich lifestyle and he’ll do it again, he’ll just learn how to do it so he won’t get caught.