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Wait. Kellie Pickler Dates Kid Rock?


Where have I been and how did I not know this?  Despite it being “the worst-kept secret in Nashville”, I was completely unaware that these two were dating.  And they’ve reportedly been dating for a year

Pickler, on a radio interview, referred to being involved in a year-long relationship.  Now other Nashville sources have stated that “the guy” is actually the ex-Mr. Pamela Anderson.  He does like them blond and low on the bell curve, doesn’t he?

What do we think of Rockler?  Cute couple or creepy?  I vote “kinda cute.”

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  • I think they are cute too. She is not the sharpest tool in the shed but she seems like a sweet girl. He has been remarkably well behaved for the past year, so maybe it is her influence.

  • Huh? Yeah, I had no idea about this either. But I blame you :-) You are suppose to keep me up on these things. I do vote cute though. And they do seem kind-a perfect for each other. The only thing is their age. He’s 38 & she’s 23 (I wiki’d them) That is quite an age difference.

  • Going to go with a healthy “What is she thinking?” followed by a quietly-muttered “He must have a…..”

    Now then, let’s turn our attention to the size of Sheryl Crow’s face. That’s one big face.

  • I wonder where they’re at in this picture. Look, he’s holding what looks like a beer bottle in his hand.

    Also, even though I don’t really like Kid Rock, they’re kind of a cute couple.

    • I am thinking this was taken after the recently aired CMT awards in Nashville.

      I also think they make a cute couple. He looks bath and his hair is combed. Looks cleared eyed too!

      She looks to have been a positive influence for him which he needs. He has not always made good decisions when it comes to women.

      • he sure didn’t sound straight on stage when he accepted his award, even sheryl crow was shaking her head at his comments and speech

  • Man, I love Kellie Pickler, I think she’s hilarious! But, Kid Rock? Who even knew he was still relevant!

  • well this explains the “half your age and twice as hot” song. i loved his last album btw. and she was cute on jay leno, no idea what she’s up to now.

  • Total upgrade for Kid Rock I HATE vollyball for tits Pam Nasty Anderson… Yech!

    Oh yeah What’s a Kelly Pickler? Google here I come

  • Okay. Speaking as a Nashvillian, Kellie Pickler “dates” men in the sense that electrical outlets “date” plugs.

    She may or may not be dating Kid Rock in the REAL sense of the word, but she has been “dating” him for some time now.

    I have no problem with her whoring, just as long as she’s through “dating” the hockey team and stays out of the Nashville Arena.

  • i think she could have made a way better choice, but these so called stars like to be seen with the so called “bad boys”. kellie you could do way better

  • It appears that Pamela wised up (if that is even possible). Kid Rock is the most talentless, one to ride others coat tails and a perfect example of a non-musician. A true POS in my eyes and Kellie is making the biggest mistake of her thus short life. Her connection to this looser will cost her any good fortune for her career.

  • Actually, to the very best of my knowledge (and what the Internet is telling me right now) Kellie is currently still in a relationship with Nashville songwriter Kyle Jacobs. This has been the case for over two years, and I don’t believe it has changed recently. The guy that Kellie referenced in the interview is surely Kyle. As for the reports about Kid Rock, I don’t believe them to be true. Sounds fabricated to me. Though I must admit they would make a good couple. He seems like a really good guy.