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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Rakes In Huge Bucks


The new Transformers‘ movie had the largest Wednesday opening — it played at 12:01 a.m. — of all time and the third largest opening of all midnight premiere movies.  The hot summer blockbuster that’s getting simply horrible reviews pulled down $16M.

Today I was reading sites dedicated to stupid Megan Fox quotes, and believe me…there are a lot of them (sites and quotes), and came across an extensive collection that Jezebel compiled.  Last fall, Fox said, “I’ve done one movie. And it’s not a movie I want to stand on as far as acting ability goes. I mean, I’m not going to win an Oscar anytime soon. I’m not Meryl Streep.”  I guess what I want to know is this:  Did anyone see this movie yet, and is she any better than the first Transformers?  Also, if anyone has a general movie review to offer, I’d be interested.  I’ve heard everything from “does live up to the hype, ” to “a horrible experience of unbearable length.”

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    • It’s the new super high heels. It’s easier to stand still like that. If you stand normally, you’re liable to switch your weight from hip to hip constantly or… wobble unexpectedly.

    • It’s a lot more natural than all the shifted onto one leg with the hand on the hip. I truly detest that pose. It aggravates me.

  • I did not see the movie. I did see those red shoes she’s wearing, though. Not even my hatred of Megan Fox can keep me from admiring those shoes.

    Incidentally, I totally read that list of quotes today too. Good stuff.

  • i can’t find all of the sites hating on megan fox. they would surely bring me joy. can anybody help me?

  • Those shoes are fantastic!!!!!!! Just gorgeous and I’d kill (her) for them but for the love of God, why is she wearing dark red shoes with a fuschia dress????? And maybe it’s the lighting but why gold earrings? That dress should be accessorized with silver.

    Now I think she’s stupider than I thought she was.

  • Gasp! I think this is my favorite Megan Fox look. I love that hair style on her. And the pitch black hair with the hot pink, stunning contrast. By the way, nothing that Megan Fox has ever been recorded saying is stupid. Surprisingly honest? Yes. Insightful? Yes. I don’t think a statement can be stupid if it’s true, and Megs tells it like it is.

  • Oh, and I agree, I’d have done without the earrings. And I can understand how you could see the color of the dress and shoes as clashing, but I don’t know, I’m kind of mesmerized by it I just find it pleasing to look at.

  • oh jesus, that outfit. the shoes and the dress clash horrendously, & the earrings look so tacky…and the dress looks like it was made out of a curtain from a cheap hotel in las vegas…everything is so bad…

    • I guess she is trying to look Chinese
      I agree with you, the whole garment looks as if bought in a cheap Chinese store

  • I thought movies came out in America before anywhere else?
    How do they decide where a movie is released first?

    Curious! lol

    I live in Scotland and i saw the Transformers 2 last weekend. It was really good and the effects were awesome!

  • an action movie with tranformers had exactly that, action with machines tranforming. It was amazing the effects were great no a single bad frame. The comedy was also amazing the roles of the parents were fantastic…one thing was horrific however…Megan Fox’s voice. She sounds like an absolute dick the whole time. I agree she is super hot so maybe they should have made her part silent…Over all tho id still give it 9/10 for its genre

  • she is prob talking about “how to lose friends and alienate people” She pretty much plays herself in the movie, which is a snobby attractive low grade actress. there is a scene in the movie where she is at a party and trying to get to the other side of the pool, so she just climbs in the pool and goes through the water. everyone applauds, cheesy, and brian austin green is even there since he cant get his own work. the movie itself wasnt bad, simon pegg was in it, whos pretty funny. the Dude is in it as simons boss. and kirsten dunst is in it as simons love interest which was awkward to say the least. but at the end of the movie megan fox gets a cake smashed into her face, which was a total bonus.

    • Megan Fox is not snobby in the least. She fully acknowledges what she’s famous for and the fact that she has yet to prove herself as an actor.

  • A friend of mine saw it and wrote the following review…

    Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Ramon Rodriguez, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel, Kevin Dunn, Tyrese Gibson, Julie White
    Rated PG-13: for intense action violence, language and some sexual content

    —Stupid. If I had to pick one word to describe the pompous, chest-pounding sequel to the 2007 summer smash hit, that would be it. Words such as innane, irritating, ridiculous, and terrible also come to mind, and they all fit, but stupid is the one I choose.
    —I certainly wasn’t expecting anything amazing. I would take a long time, even in conversation, to adequately convey my opinion of the first Transformers movie; there are times when I find it air-headed and lousy, and times when I’m tickled and can watch it like the campy, not-to-be-taken-seriously fare that it is. But as I settled into my seat (in a startingly empty theatre at 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon; this movie came out YESTERDAY), I did NOT expect what I got. I laughed at some lines in the movie, smiled at other moments, was in awe at points and was even moved at least once (this may just be because I’m a cheeseball movie fan; I flat-out cried at the first scene in this summer’s ‘Star Trek’), but most of the movie’s 150 minute running time it was borderline unwatchable. Okay, that might be too harsh. But here’s a label that should be even more damaging to this type of movie; for large stretches of its two and a half hours, even as multiple things repeatedly went BOOM, I was bored silly. When you’re Michael Bay (the director, who has also directed ‘Bad Boys,’ ‘Armageddon’, ‘Pearl Harbor’) and you make a Transformers movie and it’s boring, there’s a problem.
    —BOY, WHAT PROBLEMS!!! There’s a GI-Joe sized robot humping Megan Fox’s leg, a mother who accidentally consumes some reefer and goes around her son’s college campus on his first day knocking people over and yelling about how her son used to dressed up like a woman when he was younger, plenty of innane dialogue, plenty of supposed-to-be-funny dialogue that is spoke in hushed, rushed voices so you can’t tell what on earth they said amidst the explosions, a bickering pair of robo-twins who are around ALL MOVIE, and Tyrese Gibson (a perfectly entertaining actor in movies like ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’) given a TINY supporting role made up mostly of (I hate to say it) stereotypical black lines: “Yo man, dat ain’t good…” Plus, the climactic battle of the movie (i.e. Helm’s Deep from LOTR: The Two Towers) lasts about HALF the movie. Things blow up, blow up again, explode, get thrown through the air and crushed, get set on fire, re-blow up, and then get their faces ripped off in slow motion. Just what I wanted to see….
    —Other than repeated assaults by newly-present enemies, lots of new explosions, and lots of Megan Fox’s screaming “SAAAAAAAAAMMM!!!” (in a desperate voice that would shred a normal person’s throat), the plot is basic. Decepticons (the bad robots) have been on earth since 17,000 BC or so, and have hidden a weapon that can destroy the sun (which would probably spell the end of earth, too, but I’m not certain anyone in this movie CAN spell). The leader, the head honcho, is named “The Fallen”, and he can only be killed by a Prime (i.e., everyone’s favorite Auto Bot-or good guy-Optimus Prime). Also, Sam Witwicky’s (LaBeouf) tenure in college is cut short when a sliver of the Allspark (an enormous cube) infects him, driving him crazy and filling his head with ancient symbols that are so rare only Indiana Jones would know what they are and how to find them… But Indy is nowhere in sight (regrettably) so they have to settle for Agent Simmons, the disgraced Sector Seven detective from the last movie (Turturro), and soon Sam, his girlfriend Mikala (Fox), and his new roommate Leo (Rodriguez, who, at times, looks suspiciously like a Mexican version of Twilight’s Robert Pattinson) are off chasing the symbols, because Turturro’s the only one who’s seen them before and that must mean…something.
    —To make a long story short, humans are again dragged into a millenia-old war between very human-like robots from the planet Cybertron, which was destroyed by the war between the Auto-bots and the Decepticons and now they’re all angry at each other.
    —There’s precious little in this movie for the actors to do rather than watch robots smash and bash each other, or be knocked over by the shock waves caused by the explosions the robots set off. I’ve always been a fan of LaBeouf (since his ‘Even Stevens’ days, and his first big movie: ‘Holes’); he’s dependable, able to get choked up watching his big metal buddies take a beating, and he can scream and yell for help or act heroically. He’s also not bad at portraying his character’s full, sudden mental breakdown, but the fact that one minute he’s absolutely nutty, running in circles, squiinting, babbling and dropping everything and the next he’s well enough to bicker with his girlfriend is just plain confusing. He’s a solid actor, and has shown it in multiple other films (Holes, last year’s ‘Eagle Eye’), but he’s short-changed by a moronic script and WAY too much bangwhackpow going on around him.
    —As the only other character who really matters (and most certainly matters to all the late teens/early 20s men flocking in to the the movie), Sam’s tough-as-nails-yet-vulnerable girlfriend Mikala, Fox does her best with decidedly treakly material. She’s either doing the aforementioned screaming (say it with me: “SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!”), sweet-talking a dog or even a small robot (she sweet talks it enough-trying to get it to help them-to the point where it’s actually not all THAT surprising when it starts gyrating against her shin), or talking with Sam in either of two ways: A) the whole cutesy-couples banter (utterly failed here in all attempts) or B) hinting i.e. nagging at Sam that she wants him to say he loves her. Poor Sam. He’s being assaulted for two hours and fifteen minutes by metal monsters that shoot at him, kick him, choke him, pick him up, or stick things up his nose, and he’s assaulted for the other fifteen by adamant requests for the “L” word. He’s trying to save the freaking world; does he HAVE to prove himself the ultimate sensitive boyfriend? Still…Fox looks great (no denying that; there are whole scenes dedicated to filling the screen with her) and also shows that, with better material, she could probably be a great actress.
    —The other actors in the movie are largely caricatures: Turturro’s disgraced/trying-to-win-back-his-honor agent, Rodriguez’s tough-talking-but-pee-in-your-pants wussy roommate, Duhamel’s gun-toting soldier hero, Tyrese’s bland sidekick, Dunn’s scrappy but dedicated father. Oh, the robots in this movie are a lot more talk-y, too, with full personalities, but they’re either wanna-be gangsters (the bickering twins), sadistic monsters (the Fallen, Megatron), or noble warriors of Old (Optimus Prime). There is, interestingly, an old codger robot complete with shaggy metal whiskers, a cane, and flying spit, whose turn in the Epic Final Battle is LAME.
    —As is absolutely necessary for a movie like this to not be an utter failure, the special effects are solid. I honestly felt like the robots looked more real and less animated here than the first time around, but they still transform by unraveling and twisting into place every last lug nut with many a click and a clack in a way that gets tiresome. There are also way too many slow-mo shot of metal faces breaking open, arms being twisted and torn off, or something along those lines (if this movie had human beings as the many combatants it would be an unwatchable NC-17 gore fest). There’s also a ridiculous scene with a college girl who seduces Sam from the minute she appears in the script only to turn out as a Decepticon with a huge metal tongue (this extremity first comes out of her butt as a sharp-edged tail, yikes!) The shots of a normally-sized person with a ten-foot metal tongue are just sad.
    —Yes, I enjoyed myself through parts of this movie. And I guess I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew there would be wannabe gangsta verbal humor, that there would be some toilet humor, some innuendo, lame lines, silly characters and lots of action, but THIS?? The finished product on display makes the clunky Terminator: Salvation seem like Saving Private Ryan. There are endless fights, humping dogs, endless tiresome contingency plans (giant ray guns on ships, Optimus’s other sword), and entire periods of elapsed time that just fall out of the movie (at one point, Rodriguez’s Leo is zapped into unconsciousness only to appear, in the NEXT FRAME, aware and able enough to get out of the back seat of a car on his own).
    — Hey, come on, you know something’s wrong when a movie tries its hardest to elicit feeling from an audience by using the most effecting line from another movie (Forrest Gump’s tearful ‘If there’s anything you need, I won’t be far away’ comes out of Bumblebee’s all-quote voicebox at one point). And the ending leaves the door open for another sequel. Well, gazillionaire Michael Bay has to make money somehow….

    • I personally thought the movie was really good. It was very funny. I didn’t expect it to be so funny but it was. I am personally not a fan of action movies but I loved this transformers and the last one. So I do not think it was stupid at all.

    • Uh…what’s up Beet? I can’t leave a simple “haha” because it’s too short, yet this novel gets posted with no problem?

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