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Allow Me To Save You An Hour Of Your Life

See after the jump if you want to know what tonight’s big announcement is on tonight’s Jon & Kate Plus 8.

I know this is absolutely stunning news, but Jon and Kate Gosselin just filed for divorce at the Bucks County courthouse in Pennsylvania.

Now are the total Gosselin-philes willing to admit that it’s over?  Because it.  So.  Is.

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  • Thank you for spilling it before I inadvertently given them ratings tonight JUST to see what the hype is about with this bogus announcement! This means that I can not/will not succumb to their publicity ploy for ratings! Yay Wendie! Lol :)

  • I actually live in Bucks County, PA. Thats interesting. Surprised I dont hear hellicopters all over the area swarming them right now, lol.

    • On the news tonight, the local newswoman was saying that the paps wouldn’t “speak to her on camera because they like being behind the camera” but Jon wasn’t hiding!!! He was running his damn four wheeler several times during the piece. Maybe he really is a huge famewhore, too.

      • They live in Berks county, not Bucks county. I am a little confused why they would be filing there.

  • Shame for those kids. But can you blame the guy? She struck me as absolutely psychotic. And frankly, maybe this will put an end to their whoring their children out and perhaps these kids will get to live a pretty normal life.

    • End? End?

      U kidding, she is just beginging. She will display the entire event and so will his money grubbing ass. She will villify (dont know how 2 spell for poops) him and his affairs. Thanks to US Weekly and the rest she has it on tape.

      And yes, I can actually find blame for him too. She is bossy and he is lazy. I bet without this show, he would have been with the whores within the first year the litter was born.

      He takes the money and like a coward pushes Kate in the limelight. She admits she likes it and is willing to push kids aside for the glory. (Kind of like Angelina & Madonna, only she didnt buy her kids)

      Had he left, filed for seperation and didnt do filming (you know, take the money), buy a new car and top of the line clothes that are a little to young for him, troll for college girls then maybe i wouldnt blame him.

      Cheating is cheating and he was and still is a married man.

      Guess his kids will google him and find weed smokin daddy and a line of whores.

      Kids will google mommy, bad hair bossy bitch, who has all the money!

      At least Mommy works they will say! lol

      I do not feel bad for these kids.

      Anyone want to front my kids a free education? I hear Penn gave them all free State education. Yeah, I dont feel for them. We all have issues, they can afford the tissues.

      I mean no offence to the bloggers. I love the diff opinions. You all get me through the day with laughter!

      • Yup. Now she’ll be doing everything she was before, BUT AS A SINGLE MOM. Doesn’t your heart just bleed? I see at least two more books out of this for her. And of course an ongoing series. Anyone want to bet that they can’t resist calling it “Just Kate Plus Eight”?

      • And I meant blame in regards to getting the divorce.

        The cheating part, that’s never excusable.

      • I knew what u meant, my bad for not stating that! I just opined, again. lol

        I should have seperated it. I meant it to be funny, the blame part.


        I agree with the books.

        U can hear the lines

        “I tried”, “he was cheating, while i was shucking”

        I cant wait for the “He gets high” statements. lol

        If there are leaks on her favor, we know who TLC is routing for.

        I think TLC will throw jon under the bus, throw in one Deanna and maybe a kate at a later date.

        Makes me laugh, sometimes out loud.

  • I wasn’t even going to watch this stupid shit. Can we all just move the fuck on now? There are more important things going on in the world than these two idiots.

    • Uh… more important things? What’s more important than celebrity gossip? We are on a celebrity gossip site, after all.

  • Ugh thanks wendie! I almost was going to watch it but I’m so glad I heard the “big news” from you first. I don’t even watch the show but, and I hate to admit it, I’ve totally been obessesed with the gosselin drama. Finally, the trainwreck is over! Btw did anyone see the pics of Kate spanking one of the kids?!

      • i really hope most people spank their kids in private. the humiliation of being spanked in PUBLIC on CAMERA is so out of line. that child didn’t deserve that.

    • I’ve been reading so many gossip blogs today that I may have my stories mixed up. Didn’t Kate also beat Perez Hilton, too? So confused….so many morons, so little time…

  • I’m pretty sure half the universe had the prediction figured out. I’m sure you didn’t have to blog about it, but I guess it’s what you do when you have nothing else to blog about.

  • OH GOD! i am creaming my panties! i loveee all this drama! i really hope jon is having sex cuz he deserves it. kate can hold it in for years. but one day the kids will realize that they did all of this to give them a better life…blah blah blah who gives a fuck! ughhh i love jon so much! sexy ass!

      • Hi, Kate. Listen, you obviously don’t understand. I own 50% of all income related to the show, and that even includes your fucking stupid books you’re having ghost written. Think about it, I get half the money, save the kids from your abusive bitch ass, and will get more young pussy than my ass could have ever dreamed of or deserved. You, on the other hand, are the most hated woman in the world and will be until your dying day. Bye bye, bitch!

      • Nice, Jon. Real nice. Well, give it about a year and then I’m going to tell the sextuplets that it’s their fault daddy isn’t around anymore. I will have the last laugh, mister. I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!

        (Oh, and could you throw a little of that pussy my way? I’m not rockin’ this hair style for my health, y’know.)

  • Well at least the kids have a chance to see their parents in better light. Cause you know they were brutal to each other when the camera’s weren’t there.

    Since Kate has obvious contempt for Jon on film. Think of her how bad she is without anyone watching. Oh yea… this needed to happen.

    But here’s hoping that kids get a better daily environment without all the screaming.

    • Kate was way way more sad about the divorce thing. It was clearly not her idea and she still wants to be married to him.

    • Did you watch it until the end?


      Yes, I admit it. I watched it anyway. I know. I know. I am a horrible person and am hanging my head in shame.

  • So what’s it going to be now? Kate and eight on a date? Oh christ I’m sick of these people and I don’t even watch the show!

    • Hey! Don’t think I won’t spank you, Eileen! Child of mine or no child of mine, I WILL DO IT!

  • I live in Oklahoma and finally saw someone with the Kate hair ‘style’. I nearly screamed with a mixture of laughter and fear. I could care less about their lives, but this reminded me of how someone so unimportant has caused such a bad influence on hair.

    • I live in Oklahoma too, and I think I saw that same woman. I hate Kate’s hair!! The giant curtain on the side is ridiculous!

  • Darn, I stopped watching the show ages ago cuz Kate was too mean, but was hoping the Gosselins would surprise the public by announcing they were taking a year off from the show to try to put their marriage back together. Oh well..I’m sick of the parents but feel for the kids.

  • Oh well.. It’s been said and done.. Poor kids, and i even feel bad for Jon and Kate… Jon needs to grow up and quit the teenager bullshit.. Those earrings look ridiculous on him, he’s been smoking pot, and the hooker thing… He needs to grow up.. And Kate, well, you never know what you got ’til it’s gone.. What a shame she figured it out so late, when the divorce is already happening…

  • Thank you for the news! you have no idea how excited I am to hear about it! now just make them get off my TV! =) haha.

  • I HATE divorce… Hoever, Kate and the kids will all ge better off without him around and his influences… They need to just cut him out of the show completely.. Thats why he is supposed to be so upset is because of the fame…

    Let him take his divorce settlement and go about his merry little way. He is looking for an apartment in Trump Towers in NY.. The most expensive place to live… Im sure he will spend all of his money soon enough and be sleeping in a box in an alley somewhere.

    There is more here…

    • Now I dont know anything about this family but why on earth would he leave is kids just for leaving is wife?
      “Cut him out of the show” you say.. erhm are yoo forgetting that this is a real family we are talking about NOT just a tvshow….

  • am I the only person who finds this really depressing? if you have kids you love or have ever been married and are getting a divorce you know how shitty this is and how hard it is on everyone in the family. its not how life is supposed to play out. its unnatural and heartbreaking. i really feel for them and hope they are getting the emotional support they need through this horrible time. and btw, i blame jon.

    • Ida know? I don’t agree with you. My parents hated each other & it was pretty obvious to me even as a little kid. I don’t have ANY pleasent memories of us all together. They divorced when I was 5 & I think it was THE. BEST. THING. EVER!!! They”ve both remarried & are happy healthly people (& parents) now. And wonderful grandparents too! And I think because they are happy in their own lives that they are able to be nice to each other during my kiddos b-day parties & sporting events. So basically I think divorce can be a good thing for a family & the kids sometimes too.

  • SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!! Another reality show couple bites the dust. Is it just me or does there appear to be a trend here?
    I have a great idea for TLC . Create a new reality show documenting the shattered remains of the families immortalized on film since the conception of “reality” tv. We can start with the Loud Family (circa 1970) move on to the Hulk, Linda, Jessica, Nick, the Barkers, Whitney, Bobby etc…..
    If they’re out of rehab, maybe they can sign the grandchildren of the pioneers of reality tv, Ozzie, Harriet, Lucy and Ricky to narrate!!!!
    In return for this idea, all i request of TLC is that they STOP searching for families to destroy…please just recycle the old ones.

  • this is getting really bad expecially for the children and i believe the whole thing is has been a sham from the begining they never appeared to be in love it never seemed like they loved each other from day one .she was the boss and he was her whipping boy and the sperm donor .and besides it isnt there money the money belongs to the children and it should be put in trusts for the kids it is very bad when the kids are supporting thee parents .the got the show because they had the kids not because they were jon and kate the show never would have happened if they were a regular couple .and someone needs to get those kids a lawyer to divorce the parents