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Lindsay Lohan Under Investigation


Over the past couple of days, a story has been circulating that Lindsay Lohan was being investigated for the theft of $49,000 in jewels.  Lohan and theft go together like, well, like Winona Ryder and theft.  It’s not really an exceptional tale.  However, now that People confirms that the value is more like $400,000 and Scotland Yard is involved, it feels a little more like a story worth discussing.

The jewels in question are a necklace and earrings that Lindsay wore for an Elle U.K. photo shoot.  Like most everything that Linds touches, they ended up in the bottom of her handbag missing.  I’m sure that it’s just standard operating procedure to question everyone who was on set the day the jewels went bye-bye.  After all, what reason would anyonepossibly have to think that Lohan was the guilty party?  I can’t think of one

An either stupid or incredibly naive Elle U.K. spokesperson released the following statement:  “Elle has no reason to believe that Lindsay Lohan was in any way responsible and has no further comment to make.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering where I found the super-snazzy vintage Linds photo from, she put it up on Twitter last night because she was bored.  Sigh.

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  • Well she stole that woman’s 11k fur coat, that was proven. She stole all the Louis Vitton things from a shoot and they will never work with her again, that’s true. She’s a coke addict and a drunk, so this may be true but who at Elle wasn’t watching the jewelery? That was irresponsible as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t lose her main source of income right now over this either, which seems to be photo shoots with scant articles, so that’s another bridge burned.

    Next stop: trying to print $20’s and $50’s on her Lexmark at home.

  • Maybe it’s because I’m not a guy, but I sincerely don’t find that picture of her attractive. Not sure what it is, but I’m not impressed.

  • Heidi Montag hasn’t released a picture of herself posing topples yet, so why Lindsay, why?! Is the trying to win the battle agaisnt the biggest famewhore ever? :/

    Oh yeah, I’m bored too. Be right back, I’ll be posing for some topples pictures and then I will upload them on facebook!

    • Because horny motherfuckers like myself check out Beetster every day to see what is the latest in celebrity photos like this one of Lindsey. She will show us or hook us up with a link. Keep up the good work girls. LL looks great.