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It’s A Slow News Day, So Can We Talk About Joan Collins’ Husband?

Joan Collins, Percy Gibson

Joan Collins is vacationing in St. Tropez — yes, she’s still alive — with her husband Percy Gibson.  This cotton candy delight is 32 years younger than Collins.

Does anything appear slightly awry with this couple?

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  • LIZA! LIZA! LIZA! I am getting a strong Liza and David Gest vibe, just maybe a little less crazy.

  • You did say popsicle right? He’s so bright, happy, pretty…..I bet their havin’ a gay ol’ time.

  • Maybe at this point she just wants a companion that can help her make sure she’s properly accessorized before she leaves the house.

    • You know something, that doesn’t sound too bad. He can also tell you how you look from behind and if your hair actually does look good and he’s not saying that because he wants to go.

  • If awry=his wardrobe, then you’re absolutely right.
    On the bright side she is looking mighty well-preserved.

  • In the animal kingdom the male is more colorful than the female. In the human kingdom however, a colorful male is gay. Top it off with a draped sweater? He’s not even trying to pretend.

  • This is what happens when you still let your mother dress you; or in this case, someone as old as your mother.

  • Let’s examine the facts, shall we? Joan’s last boyfriend was the fey art dealer Robin Hurlstone. Not exactly the poster child for heterosexuality. Joan’s current “husband” Percy Gibson, is a “theatre manager.” Last I knew, theatre mgr. wasn’t exactly a “straight” professions. Seems La Collins has taken a few notes from La Minelli’s song book in her golden twilight years. I say, Jolly good, Joannie!

  • Also, Percy’s first “wife” has said in interview he was a “lousy lay” and they almost never had sex! Gee, wonder why??

  • If you’re on older, uber glamorous woman– of course it’s better if your spouse is a gay man. But they do try rather hard to make it seem like they have an active sex life…..Not buying it, Joannie!

  • they seem like a nice couple, it’s just a shame Percy had a fashion blip! I can’t believe Joan – the great fashion icon didn’t tell him about how un-fashionable he looks!

  • Joan Collins is beyond fabulous. Her husband’s clothing is pretty flamboyant, but I think he and JC are getting it on regularly, JC is known as the ‘British Open’ for a reason, she’s a sexual woman. One thing to keep in mind is that this picture is from St Tropez, where JC owns a summertime villa, bold over the top colorful fashions are the norm…it’s resort wear!