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Caption This


Tracy Morgan on the set of A Couple Of Cops.  Isn’t it amazing how sometimes one picture can confirm your suspicion that a movie is going to be a total flop?  A flip phone flop if you will…

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  • ‘E.T. phones home’ seems the obvious pun …….. so I’ll make it.

    Addendum –

    ‘They see me ridin’, they dialing.’

  • I find him hilarious so I’ll see it. Likely when it comes on the free Movie channel but still, I’ll see it.

  • The film is called “A Couple of Dicks”. Kevin Smith is directing it and Bruce Willis is the other lead. Not “A Couple of Cops”. Not yet at least.

  • Tracy should do a sequel to “Who Dat Ninja?” or the more demure “A Blaffair to Rememblack”.

    • Wonder if he’ll ever release that single? “Fat neck girl, let me count your neck rings”. That’s deep, soulful poetry right there.