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Governor Schwarzenegger Speaks Out: We’ll Be Back!

Arnie sat down with Jay Leno tonight and discussed the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Prop 8. “I think they’re going to be back,” he said. “In another year or two they will be back again with another initiative trying to get [gay marriage relegalized]. And you know, eventually it’s going to be overturned, I’m sure of that.”

I’m sure of it too, Arnie!

I attended the rally tonight in Seattle. I posted a bunch of pics from it on my (increasingly boring) personal blog. You can check ’em out here. We had a fantastic turnout for the rally and the march. I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I, in Washington, was protesting a legal decision in California. I guess I see it less as a Prop 8 rally and more of a civil rights rally — more as a reason to have a civil rights rally. I firmly believe that same-sex marriage is a civil right, and to deny a minority group the right to marry is clear-cut discrimination and a violation of their civil rights. I look forward to seeing a same-sex marriage initiative on the Washington ballot in the near future. I donate monthly to Equal Rights Washington, a group which works to get gay marriage on the ballot here in our state. (Currently, they’re busy battling Referendum 71, which hopes to destroy the domestic partnerships same-sex couples enjoy in Washington. You can learn more about that here.) In everything I do, I try to put my money where my mouth is and, if I’m talking the talk, I better be walking the walk. It’s a standard I’m proud to hold myself to. I encourage you all to do the same with your convictions, whatever they be.

Suicide rates among GLBT teens are exceptionally high. It’s important to keep this issue front-of-mind, and to send a clear message to young gay and lesbian and transgendered people across the country that, despite the crowing from some hateful religious factions, there are many, many people in this country who aren’t interested in judging you based on your sexuality, who are prepared to love you for whomever you are and whomever you choose to love, and who will take time out of their day to fight for you to be accepted.

The crowd tonight — at 5:30 on a workday with only a couple days’ notice — filled the entire plaza outside the Westlake Center. We stopped the traffic as we marched toward Capital Hill. News cameras and photojournalists captured every minute of it. It is important to create that mass. It is important to create that visual. If just one gay teenager sees this footage on the news tonight and thinks to himself, “Wow, I didn’t realize there was so much support for me in this state,” it would have been worth doing 100 times over. It’s why I always encourage you guys to get out and attend these protests. These visuals make a difference in people’s lives. Your body there makes a difference. Get out and get heard.

California will eventually legalize same-sex marriage. As will the rest of the U.S. states. It will happen in my lifetime, and I can’t wait.

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  • you RAWK beet!!!! spot on! really happy to hear that you went to the rally. the right to march and protest is something people in many countries don’t have, and we, citizens of countries where we still do have the right, more or less, should really appreciate ours more.

  • Beet, you made me cry with your words. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Please, keep the message out that discrimination should not be tolerated.

  • Way to go Beet! They’ve already started running TV ads in some cities in Cali showing pictures of gay couples and telling their stories.

  • Suicide rates among GLBT teens are exceptionally high.

    that is so so sad. I researched rallys in my area. (none) :-(

  • I knew exactly what Arnie said in the interview becuase you told us, but I had to watch it because I love hearing him talk. =]

    Also, great post. I agree with you 100%. But its hard becuase my parents are extremely religious and they are the kind of christians that think homosexuality is a sin. And whenever I talk to them, or people from my church about it, they are so hateful and its hard for me to say anything. So I just say that God loves everyone and that I believe in equality. But it gets so frustrating when my mom is all “christian” and then when someone says anything about gays, she’s like, “ew, its a sin and its disgusting..etc”, and I just want to say, “MOM, you’re supposed to be a christian and love everybody and not judge people”.

    Anyway, enough about that. I’m sure that all the states will legalize same sex marriage in my lifetime as well, because I’m 17. Younger than you, beet. Ha.

    • Oh, and I researched rallies in my area, and theres one today but its all the way in seattle, which is a few hours away. =[ boo.

      oh ,and if you were wondering, since you live in seattle, its today at 5pm at Westlake Corner Park, 400 Pine Street.

      but yea, thats the closest one to me.

    • Maybe you could try this one on your mom:
      The Bible says that all sins are equal, except for blasphemy. Blasphemy is the eternal sin, and a deadly one at that. But the 1st Amendment secures our right to be blasphemous. Perhaps her energies would be better directed towards removing our right to free speech.
      Let’s she how she feels about that?

  • Thanks for this article. Being a bisexual girl in high school wasn’t a problem for me at all. However, for my gay male cousin it was an effin’ nightmare. I spent my youth essentially kicking ass on his behalf.

    All of this (visual)support makes a huge difference in the lives of LGBT teens. It really does. My daughter has an openly gay male friend at her high school and his life is much easier than my cousin’s was 15 years ago.
    Not to say the fight is over or that it’s actually easy to a gay teenager, but it’s much better than it used to be. And it’s because of people like you, and the rest of us, who openly support gay people.
    The only thing that should be in the closet is shame!

    • Everybody but you, I’d say.
      You know, you don’t have to read every article just because it’s there.
      You could read only the ones that interest you. Really. You can do that.

    • Wow, it is appalling to see some people care only about the things that directly affect and benefit them.

  • At least he’s saying something. More than Obama’s doing right now… I’d LOVE to hear Obama really sit down and discuss this issue. Don’t care who interviews him or where or when, but I would LOVE TO SEE IT! Wonder how long Obama can simply sit silently on this.

  • Obama hasn’t been silent about this, and has said he believes in same sex unions, with the legal and societal rights afforded everyone. Does he call it marriage, no – and I think if he gets a 2nd term there is a chance it will be moved into the federal realm and not state by state, but the entire country will be afforded the same rights no matter where you are. I think this isn’t the fight he has to have prior to a re-election bid. It is a matter of time before everyone has the civil rights that are clearly stated in the declaration of independence. This is a non issue for most of the people in this day and age, it’s just these holy rollers that care about other people sexual activities which makes them even creepier, who cares what other people do in bed, perverts for spending so much time thinking about it.

    It is going to happen, this was a set back but it will be on the ballot every two years until it is enacted. I am sorry that there are now two classes of people within this group, those whose timing was good, and those that missed the window of opportunity, it makes no sense this way at all – I am glad to see so many people offended by the ruling, it is offensive to try to legislate sexuality, like they used to legislate by the color of your skin. Ignorant, and soon to go by the wayside like organized racism. It’s just not soon enough.

    • I hope he does move it into the federal realm, sometimes you need to do just that to turn around people’s ignorant ways. He’s always framed it as a constitutional issue and I adore him for that.


  • Arnold can kiss my gay ass. He vetoed the legislation twice, preferring take it to the people, and let the majority legislate over the minority.

    Well that’s what happens, you fucking douche.