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Here’s Paris and Doug Reinhardt sucking face around Cannes.  I was thinking of a caption something like “When two douches collide,” but I welcome suggestions.

May 21, 2009 at 2:06 pm by Wendie

45 Responses to “Caption These”

  1. Rob N. says:

    And now demonstrating the invisible double-sided dildo…

  2. Norman says:

    Swine flu and herpes DNA just won’t splice!

    • Roofie says:

      I had one to share, but Norman wins.

      Everyone, go home.

      • C says:

        No. ROB N WINS. haha.

        Paris Hilton looks like she’d be a terrible sickening kisser from the bottom photo.

      • C says:

        No. ROB N WINS. Haha.

        Paris Hilton looks like she’d be a terrible sickening kisser from the bottom photo. What’s with that tongue and the way she’s clenching him?

      • Think Straight says:

        Everybody run, homecoming queen’s got a tongue!

  3. Taffy Swerdlow says:

    Vapor Lock.

  4. Rachel says:

    OMG! Stop! Stop! This is not something I want to see when I open up EB. Gives me the chills. They should come with a warning, blech.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i threw up in my mouth a little, thanks Beet!

  6. SarahChorz says:

    Maybe it’s my fault for shoving a huge wad of fresh mozzarella into my mouth right at the exact moment that I clicked “refresh” on my favorite website…But seriously, Wendie. Sometimes I think you get your kicks from horrifying your loyal readers with disgusting shit like that above!!! If you can stand it and look closely, you can actually see Doug catch herpes from Paris in those photos…<>

  7. mcbiscuit says:

    The top one looks like Kath Day-Knight and Kel Knight kissing.
    The bottom one looks like she’s licking a cane toad.

  8. yeayea says:

    This should have been AFTER the jump. I feel i should have been properly warned before this appeared on my screen.

    • SarahChorz says:

      Agreed. (i still would have taken the jump, of course — just not at the same moment I was hungrily devouring cheese)

  9. jg says:

    Who kisses like that? Or who preps for kissing like that?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Gross…reminds me of my first kiss in 6th grade…all awkward and disgusting. She truly has no tact or class. And whats with this dude’s eyes being that close together? She may as well date Kristin Bell.

  11. Kevinisstupid says:

    How about “eww.”

  12. mamie says:

    bristol palin’s secret abstinence weapon.

  13. Beehind says:

    Paris looks like she kisses like a wet sponge.
    That second photo was foul.

  14. ltc says:

    I wonder if he ever wonders why he got stuck with Paris during her glittery headband phase.

  15. HappyGirrrl says:

    I think she’s spent a little too much time kissing Tinkerbell.

  16. Jinxy says:

    You can almost see the diseases jumping from one’s mouth to the others. It’s HORRIFYING. Who kisses like that skank? Please let her be run over in Cannes, and put in an irreversible coma. What is a Doug, how is he even relevant? He’s just a walking infection of STD’s at this point, maybe it can be both of them in a coma? Please?

  17. misscogito says:

    and she wanted to be like princess diana?

  18. Canary says:

    that’s all i have to say

  19. Canary says:

    damnit. that didn’t show up right.
    )) ((

  20. SNK says:

    Ok…that is just nasty. I bet she is one of those kissers that leave a trail of spit and slime around the other person’s mouth. Gross. Gross. Gross. Damn…and you think she would be better at it with all the frigging practice she has had.

  21. josie says:

    Taking the Mensa test. Result: DEFICIENT!

    Paris only deserves the publicity on this site, maybe once a month. So we can caption fun pics like these of her. Otherwise, gag!

  22. RhymesWithSilver says:

    “Careful, Doug! A female praying mantis will eat whatever drifts between her forearms!”

  23. Hoolyhoopaua says:

    Suckfest At The Filmfest!

  24. Claire says:

    Aaaiiiiyeeeee! My eyes! My eyes! They’re burning out of my frappin’ skull! So not right!

  25. FornitSomeFornus says:

    She is so grody.

  26. hotmilfchocolate says:

    ah fuck!

    come on, wendie! damn!

    a little consideration please.

    i’m just ordered my usual wheat bagel with lox & cream cheese.

    how can i eat now with that image of her gross ass tongue.



  27. Priscilla says:

    nasty bitch ALERT!!

  28. Trini says:

    |||SOUL SUCKING|||
    –That’s Hot!–

  29. Karina in T.O says:

    Paris to Doug –”It’s sexy time baby” and then…….the tongue lashing begins! LOL


  30. arugula says:

    they look like fish, gasping for air…o_o

  31. Think Straight says:

    Dementors to a party and get so wasted that they try to suck each others souls out, forgetting that they have none.

  32. juniper says:

    its just so… AWKWARD. that is the only word i can think to describe these photos. well, that, and repulsive, disgusting, and weird.

  33. Anonymous says:

    1st picture “will you hold my gum for me”
    2nd picture *He likes his snowballs”
    sorry but I had to….

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