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Jamie Lee Curtis Goes Totally Britney. Or Beet.


Ah, may we never underestimate the power of the pink wig.  Britney rocked it when she was spiraling into her descent of psychosis, Beet embraced the fuchsia follicles when she went to Brit’s concert last month, and now Jamie Lee Curtis has gone totally pink, hopefully in the name of cancer awareness.

Last night was the 3rd Annual Noche de Ninos gala.  JLC was there as well as the other JLC-Jennifer Lopez Cuddling.  As in, cuddling with that troll of a husband Marc Anthony.  I am so losing this bet.

Also there was Annette Bening.  My husband Special K thinks she’s all hot so I put a close-up in the gallery of her mug.  Let’s see if that doesn’t permanently damage his retinas.

Other attendees included Kevin Sorbo (remember when he was hot?), Mary Hart (her face gives me the fits just like the chick who would have epileptic seizures whenever he heard her voice), and the lovely Jewel whom I’ve decided looks like Beet.  Or vice versa.

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