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The Star Trek Franchise Is Like A Cockroach


You can’t kill Star Trek no matter what you do.

You’ve probably already seen Beet’s vlog where she gives a review of last night’s premiere of the new Star Trek movie.  Well she isn’t the only one who really liked it.  Thursday night’s revenues totalled $7M which is a great number for a mid-week opening.  This movie is expected to pull in somewhere between $60M and $70M dollars this weekend.  Some are even saying $100M, which would truly be out of this world.  You Trekkies are hardcore.

Oh, and I cannot tell a lie.  The retro gal that I am, I really wanted to put up a picture of Leonard Nimoy.  But the hormones won out.  Enjoy Chris Pine.  You’re welcome.

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  • I saw the film today. It was great and if I can find time, I’m going to see it again.

    And I am very much enjoying Chris Pine. Thank you.

  • loved the movie, would see it again. would also like to see chris pine again… in my bed =)

  • I’ve never seen star trek before and I went with my fiance (who hasn’t either) to see it tonight, and we both thought it was great.

  • I’ve never even seen any of the older Star Trek movies or shows but this movie was absolutely incredible.

    Btw, is it really necessary to say “dollars” after $70M since you have the dollar sign to begin with?

  • Is it wrong that I thought the young Spock was cute?

    Chris Pine.. at however many feetbig feet on the big screen.. totally drool-worthy.

    And the movie was good. except for the poor dog. :(

  • You can watch it now on your computer – Star.Trek.TS.XviD-DEViSE

    Filename: devise-starts

  • LOVED IT! and they’ve opened the field for a whole new franchise. Spock is sexier than Kirk to me esp since he seemed to be getting more @$$ and acted like less of a d!ck ( and I like him on “Heroes”). Live long and prosper…