Naked Rihanna Pictures Leaked


It’s been kind of quiet on the Chris Brown and Rihanna front as he busily works on getting out of the legal jam he’s in and she works on moving forward with her career.

Though the rumored sex tape hasn’t surfaced yet, naked pictures of Rihanna have finally hit the internet.  She obviously took the pictures of herself which leads to the question of who got access to the pictures?

The uncensored pictures are here and totally NSFW.  Unless perinea are suitable for your workplace in which case these pics are totally okay.

Thanks, Brian!


  1. Kevinisstupid says:

    I wonder if Cassie and Rihanna went to the same piercer.

  2. Ashley says:

    I think she should be more embarrassed by the outfit she wore to the DKMS fundraising gala.

  3. Beehind says:

    Sorry, but I really don’t give a shit about Miss It’s Okay To Beat Me Up.

    • Roofie says:

      I typically don’t either, but these are nude photos of one of the most attractive stars around… it kind of makes me give a shit enough to look. And the bonus here is that she doesn’t have some horrible deformity or gross thing that nobody wanted to see (I’m looking at you, Chyna’s clitoris).

      What is up with the nipple piercings lately?

  4. Mike says:

    She’s not hot.

  5. Peg Leg Meg says:

    Hrmmm? I don’t know. Is that her?? You can’t see her face in the nude shots. ?? I’m a wee bit skeptical.

  6. arp arp says:

    I’m sorry but what does NSFW mean? :-p

  7. jess says:

    HOT!! They’re pretty classy — not too bad. If I was Rihanna I wouldn’t be TOO upset about these .. if they’re really Rihanna.

    She looks beautiful and womanly.

  8. dolcevita says:

    best she’s EVER looked, ie, without the hideous clothing/accessory ensembles she usually sports. nice figure for a a nubile youngster. but what’s with the nipple piercing? YUCK. body pollution. the body is a work of art without the stupid add-ons.

  9. karibelle says:

    *sigh* I miss my 21 year-old pre-baby breasts.

    Sorry. That’s all I’m gettin’ out of this.

  10. nomen cognomen says:

    You would think that celebrities, of all people, would know best that you should probably just never take nude photos/videos. Ever.
    Murphy’s Law.

  11. Hautie says:

    So I guess that Mark Geragos could not get the pictures of her beat to a pulp, by the hands of his client, out of court… so next thing you know naked pics of Rihanna just happen to show up.

    I sense this is Geragos’ way of trying to discredit her, as being someone who lacks moral character. Hence, she deserved the beat down his client gave her.

    Sadly, Rihanna knows exactly who she sent these pictures to… and now knows for a fact what a low life that person is…

  12. -Vickyy. says:

    I still don’t get why celebrities LOVE to take naked pictures of themselves. It’s so stupid. They’re are celebs, those pictures are gonna be public soon or later! Yeah, I know you’re sexy, I know that would be the perfect gift for your boyfriend, but sweetie, that’s not the way to go when you’re famous. That’s one of those things you just can’t do.

    • Ann says:

      I completely agree, some celebrities can be so stupid when it comes to technology and how far pictures can go…… once you do nude shots and post them on the web it will stay there FOREVER and come back to bite you in the ass… when you try to “remove” them.

      • C'line says:

        Young girls in general are naive about taking naked photos – I can’t even begin to list the amount of girls our sorority had to black list b/c rushies sent naked pics of them to older frat guys who then forwarded them to EVERYONE. Girls need to realize that with the click of one button that picture can go to anyone or anywhere. Also, where is the self respect?! I think sending these photos turns you purely into a object.

      • Society says:

        Way to promote sisterhood!

      • Donkey Punch says:

        > Young girls in general are naive about taking naked photos

        Yes, it’s great isn’t it?

      • C'line says:

        Donkey Punch – LOL, yes “great” for some people.

        Society – those girls cheated themselves out of an opportunity to be part of a sisterhood. Not everyone can be in a house and we looked for certain traits in each pledge…integrity being one of the more important ones.

      • Donkey Punch says:

        LMAO @ sisterhood. You are a bit insane aren’t you?

      • C'line says:

        Donkey Punch – I was responding to the cmt made by Society. “Sisterhood” is a completely lame word and honestly not really what sororities are about.

  13. Tako says:

    I don’t like her. But i have to say, that i wish my ass looked like that! lol..

  14. Jinxy says:

    This reeks of Garagos, he’s a total sleezebag and would think nothing of trashing a 21 year old to get his dirtbag client off by making the victim look bad. If you notice in one of the photos she’s written on a mirror “I love you”, so these were in Chris Brown’s hands and he gave them to his attorney when Garagos told him he was probably going to go to trial. I mean why not re victimize the woman you beat to a pulp?

    Chris Brown can’t take it like a man, so he’s more than willing to trash his victim once again. I would hope she’d come back swinging but it doesn’t seem to be in her personality to do so. Chris Brown is a pussy.

    • arp arp says:

      OMG I totally didn’t put that together. Good call

    • cinoda says:

      Jinxy, you hit the nail right on the head. Hell, I wish I still had a body like that, she has nothing to be ashamed of.

  15. RG says:

    First of all: Smokin’ bod.

    Second: Not sure why anyone thinks this would trash her rep. These aren’t sleazy pix. If it was a sex tape or her playing with toys maybe but this is pretty tasteful compared to most of the stuff around.
    Could be a tad more in focus….

  16. Kelsey says:


    Thats really all I have to say.

  17. Jinxy says:

    I think the point is she didn’t release them herself, they were released and there are many parents who buy their children’s CD’s who might not appreciate the photos, and yes they can hurt a performer who has a younger fan base. Adults aren’t going to care but parents of younger fans who buy, probably yes.

  18. wurly says:

    She looks a lot better naked than cassie did… But all I want to know is what sort a statement Rihanna’s people will release….can’t wait.

  19. Laura says:

    Haha, next time Diddy and Jay-Z meet they have some impressions to share… ;D

    God, I just can not stop staring at that ass… *sigh

  20. dd says:

    Whats up with the one where it looks like she was crying?

  21. Donkey Punch says:

    I’d hit her.

    • Donkey Punch says:

      Oh come on! I didn’t offend anyone with my double meaning?

      Where have all the angry women defending her gone?

  22. Priscilla says:

    i beleive that she did take these photos for brown. he couldn’t get enough by cheatin and beatin on her he had to jack of to her too? losers!
    p.s. i wish i had her body! LOL

  23. Honey says:

    if i were her, i wouldnt be embarrassed about these photos…She has a bangin body [[no homo]]….and yes she’s a celeb, but she’s human too…And if I were here, i wouldnt feel the need to have to apologize…she’s a grown ass woman and if she wants to send pics to her man then so be it…

  24. Dan says:

    If you’ve not seen them

  25. Jinxy says:

    I think she’s being doubly victimized by Chris Brown, and when is it the fault of the victim if photos taken by police are leaked? How do she not deserve her attacker pay the price for what he did. Garagos is just one of the most hideous men around. I don’t think the court will let Chris go free, and I hope it’s a jury trial because he will do time, I heard the other photos are worse than the one leaked. She was brutally beaten and bitten during the assault.

  26. jazz says:


    …First of all Chris brown WILL get off on his case…get real. His lawyers are working on a plea deal as we speak. Why do you think his recent past court date was delayed? HELLO! He’s working on a plea deal dummy so he’s going to get off.

    Second of all Don’t blame chris for these pics. It was RIHANNA who got naked and took the pics. It was RIHANNA who knew damn well she was a celeb and that they could get out. I don’t care if she took them for her boyfriend or not. When your a celeb you should know better then to take naked pics of your self. Period. No ifs ands or butts. She is a dumbass for taking the pics in the first place!
    Stop trying to use chris as a scapegoat for her problems.

  27. wilecoyote says:

    I guess this is what happens to celebrities when they take personal nude pics of themselves! Don’t these people learn? Look at what happened to Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay lohan and a whole lot of other celebs.

    Moral of the story is……you KNOW that there can be a leak of your personal business that can fuck up your career. Be careful of the things you do.

    Thing I’d like to know is….how did her nude pics leak? And is Chris Brown really to be blamed.

  28. Kiki says:

    This will not hurt her career. She has a smokin body. and she was already considered a bad girl. I’d walk around naked all the time if I looked like that.

  29. blackdog says:

    look, if it is her then why should we all gasp and say thats so wrong,what sort of person takes pics for a loved one! shes a young chick that was in love and has been crushed and chris will get whats comming to him.rhianna will get stronger and continue to mature and say what the hell and go from strength to strength.

  30. rihanna says:

    hihi, i saw them ;)

  31. accent says:

    That booty was slammin’!

  32. Lil' Man says:

    Why would she be asshamed? she looks good, and these were clearly not intended for us to see. This pics are tastful compared to other stuff iv’e seen. And in the Mirror picture you can see “I love you” and “I miss you” these were clearly intended for Chris, but because he’s a pussy. He vicitmized his already hurt girl. Not the way to treat a woman. Agree?

  33. maria says:

    Okay soo where are this pcs .I have not been able to find them…

  34. Bollocks!!! says:

    Nice pics dought its her though

  35. crazy bitch says:

    she didnt ask 4 wht happend nobody new wht wnt threw chris mind so who r we 2 judge

  36. bad boi says:

    are u all fucking corny americans

  37. bad boi says:

    cuz u all fucking sound like it and plus ur all a bunch gossip freaks
    so what if it is her or not the bird is seriously fit mate i would stick it in every hole she got and fuck her hard

  38. donald stevenson says:

    he was a real coward 4 puting his hands on u thats a bitch. if u was from detroit and that shit happen it would b over 4 that nigga and thats real talk,but keep yo head up and do what u do. but give me a call if u feeln bad,cause i been trough a lot more shit then u so call me if u can im in dallas know real talk. (214)916-1109 my name is donald

  39. rashade says:

    ha ha ha liae all lies im yet to bleve i saw but i tink its fake i mean * rihanna has her knickers in a twist#

  40. ujjwal says:

    rihanna is 1 sexiest girl alive in earth.i can spend my life time earnings to go date with her

  41. lucrecia says:

    rihanna i tought that cris was stupid but he passed the level of stupidity so why waste time move on with your life leave the idiot behind you have nothing to lose….live your life.

  42. reco says:

    i dont like her and her pictures

  43. Anonymous says:

    she is abirch

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  46. Antonella says:

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  51. rihanna fan says:

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  52. Cris-b12 says:

    Rihana you are smokin hot. baby.

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  57. Kenny says:

    We love you Rihanna

  58. Anonymous says:

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  59. Josh says:

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  63. Bryan says:

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