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Of Course There’s A Sex Tape. I’d Expect Nothing Less.


I was really surprised when Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together after he assaulted her.  I was not surprised by their fake break-up this week.  Now, Star Magazine is reporting that Chris and Rihanna made a sex tape that Brown is in possession of.  Of course.  This would explain why Rihanna had to stay with him post-abuse.  Not because she has no self-esteem.  It was all because she feared the tape, that I will go out on a limb and say doesn’t even exist, being released.

Let me be very clear.  I would personally host a screening of footage of me giving a blow job to Carrot Top, and invite my grandparents, if my only alternative was being beat up by a man.  In conclusion, there is no sex tape.  They aren’t broken up.  Rihanna is working hard to hold onto her endorsement deals.

I find the whole thing disgusting.  And please-before we deal with a barrage of “You can’t judge, you don’t know what Rihanna’s going through,” comments, yes-actually, I do.  I am here to tell you that abuse fucks with your mind.  It can make you question everything you ever thought you knew about yourself.  You can be one of those I Will Never Let A Man Hit Me women, and turn around one day to find that you are that woman-battered.  But guess what?  If you have the capacity to identify right from wrong, you must leave.  Find a way.  There are options even when it seems that there are none.  It’s so hard, feels so overwhelming.  It.  Still.  Must.  Be.  Done.

Thanks to Kevin!

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  • A part of me wishes this was true, so she’d have an actual excuse to be back with him.

    A part of me hopes this is not true, cause that’s pretty fucking horrible. Maybe Rihanna is secret agenting undercover like to get the tape back and destroy it. Yes I make up words.

  • Any respect that I ever had for Rihanna completely devoured itself when she took that pathetic piece of sick fuck back.

    Where I thought at one point, “not possible”, she’s definitely the bigger asshole here. Who goes back for a second (third, fourth, etc.) beating after publicly acknowledging the “first” one?

    Come on. I’ve never witnessed such fuckery in my life.

    • Sarah, that is horrible. Thank you for forgiving the only person who ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING HORRIBLE AND ILLEGAL, while blaming the victim. Maybe you should research domestic violence, just so you understand it better. I would hate for it to happen to you or your loved ones while you still have this attitude.

  • I’m going to pretend you weren’t joking about blowing Carrot Top… it gives you a little bit more of a weird edge that will keep your readers coming back for more.

    • I would personally host a screening of footage of me giving a blow job to Carrot Top, and invite my grandparents, if my only alternative was being beat up by a man.

      Most brilliant line ever. :D

  • Who even thinks to come up with the phrase “giving a blow job to carrot top” ???

    Wendie, you are nuts.

  • Amen to that, Wendie! Abuse is a horrible mindfuck that unfortunately stays with you – even AFTER you’ve processed and gotten clear about it. It is NEVER ok to go back for more and “forgive”. Behaviour like this only grants permission for abusers to keep it up.

  • The most disgusting thing is that this horrible duet of theirs will be all over the radio any day and all the kids will think it’s great. He could have killed her and his fans act like it’s no big deal and we shouldn’t “judge” him. Those same people still say OJ is “innocent”. And I guess Charly Manson is just a misunderstood artist? *eyeroll*

    Do me a favor Wendie? Don’t post his ugly mug anymore. Just photoshop a bag over his head.

  • When will these people learn…NEVER MAKE A SEX TAPE! You will not remain “in love” forever. I am sick of both of them.

  • If you want to read a very depressing but sincere and heartfelt book about abuse and how it screws with your mind, try “If I Am Missing or Dead” a true story of a woman whose sister was murdered by her boyfriend and the writers own abusive relationship with her husband. Definitely hard to read but worth it.

  • why don’t we just go 80’s on his ass and have a chris ‘ibeatherdown’ brown, goin out of business, good old fashion bonfire in the streets!



    burn ’em!

    he can officially ‘kiss kiss’ his career goodbye. douche.

    & she better just pal up with paris & kim for tips on how to make that tape (if it exists) work for her career & not against it.

    oops, my bad…

    riri’s career is in the toilet too.

    fucking doormat.

  • Well said Wendie. I was one of those chicks that would say “Oh a man only has to hit me one time and thats it. I’m gone”. I am a feminist who majored in woman’s studies as well. And what do you know? I allowed a man to abuse me physically and emotionally and I didn’t leave for a while. It really does put you in a fucked up place in spirit and mind. Not saying that it’s right for Rhianna to stay or whatever, but I’m glad that you brought to attention what it can do psychologically to a woman, and that it really isn’t that easy to leave.

  • I’m sooooooo sad that Rihanna stayed with him. So young and dumb. Because she’s in the public eye, her decision to stay with him sends an absolute horrible, irresponsible message to young women everywhere. What of the young girls who looked up to her…..such a poor example of a “strong” woman. I understand that it’s hard to leave…but I believe that she has all the help and money in the world whereas alot of women only have their abusers in their life, noone around to reach out to. She, on the other hand, had people reaching out to her. So…although I feel bad that she was hit……she chooses that life. Its a choice.

  • i love how everyone overlooks the fact she went psycho on him first, and THEN he retailiated..Im not saying what he did was right by any means, but im sick of hearing this bs that Rhianna did nothing…im tired of the fact that women seem to beat up on plenty of men and that seems acceptable..kind of like female teachers that bang students get off a lot easier than a male one would..see my point?

    • she went psycho on him? when? when she read his phone? shoot dang, you’re right, she totally deserved it then.

    • A. Chris doesn’t have a scratch on him so where is the proof she attacked him? We all saw her face beaten to a pulp and he was out jet skiing the next day.

      B. If she did hit him the douchebag has a PHONE…he could have just called the cops instead of pummeling her head and almost killing her. Natasha Richardson died from ONE blow to the head.

  • I learned a really amazing thing recently — people are setting up animal shelters for the pets of battered women. Often these pets are harmed and held hostage to keep the women under control; more than 50% of battered women who own pets have had their spouse abuse the pet too. So if anyone is reading this and needs to get out of a bad situation but is afraid of what will happen to their dog or parakeet, look for a pet shelter that can keep them safe and *don’t* think twice about getting out!!

    • I agree with Canaduck about the idiot grin on this guys face in every picture. I hope his his features get rearranged by someone his own size.

      • bitch you sound so fucking dumb his carer aint going no fucking were and he is about to start rappeing you stupid hoe get yo dame facts together dumb bitches and they did have a sex tape forour information bitch tell all your little bitchie friends

    • I don’t get that. Where is the proof she did anything to him? We have a pic of Rihanna with her face bashed in and he’s shirtless on a jet ski without a scratch so where are they getting this from? This blame the victim stuff is ridiculous. What a bunch of enablers…

      • You’re absolutely right, Jennifer, but unfortunately polls show that most people are not figuring that out. Not that I forgive Rihanna for going back to him, but I don’t know why anyone would blame her even remotely for what happened.

        Why does Chris Brown have that STUPID fucking grin in every single photograph of him? Geez. Talk about an ugly guy.

  • “And please-before we deal with a barrage of “You can’t judge, you don’t know what Rihanna’s going through,” comments, yes-actually, I do.”

    that still doesn’t give you the right to judge her. however, i don’t believe you know what she’s going through. how could you? were you ever a famous singer with legions of fans who was beat by her boyfriend and had the pictures of your injuries viewed over the internet by millions of people?? did you have gossip blogs picking your life to pieces every day? no two life experiences are ever the same. i hate it when people say “i know what you’re going through” no you don’t. you’re not me. therefore, no one, not even survivors of domestic abuse should have the audacity to say they know what she’s going through.

  • “Let me be very clear. I would personally host a screening of footage of me giving a blow job to Carrot Top, and invite my grandparents, if my only alternative was being beat up by a man.”

    you and me both, wendie. a real man does not put his hands on someone weaker than him (women, children, pets, old people, etc). but by staying with an abusive man the woman is giving him the signal that it is ok to be abusive. none of us know the real story with rhianna and chris but i do hope she stays away from him, and that her family & friends (who so far haven’t seemed too concerned) will kick his ass if he comes near her. if she were my daughter, sister or friend i certainly would.

  • Wendie, you are an inspired writer with an acid keyboarad and you’re damn funny! And here you speak the truth!

  • i am not accusing anyone of anything here, just asking: why wasn’t my comment posted? i thought these were the reasons comments weren’t posted:
    1) You are a spammer.
    2) You employ racism/homophobia/hate speech of any kind.
    3) You accuse me in a particularly rude way of removing your comment because it is not in agreement with my opinion.
    4) You somehow accidentally use one of the phrases the software tags as spam.
    5) You express appreciation for the Dave Matthews Band. (I’m serious.)

    Which begs the question, why are all Jennifer’s racist comments allowed?

  • i love chriss brown and rihanna

    and i think its very good of rihanna to take him back
    his only human everyone gets angry and does stupid stuff
    we should forgive and forget
    everyone deserves a second chance
    if he does it again thats when u should start hating him!!

  • Chris brown is mad out of his mind.just do your music and stop beating rihanna chris

  • She’s just as much to blame because she has hit him long before he hit her back. I hope they get back together! I think it’s shitty that her music career can continue while his is on hold and may never repair. Why is she clear from everything when court documents have proven she hit him first and it wasn’t the first time. Don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer that a man should not lay hands on a women, I too am a women and would never want that to happen to me. I believe if I went out and hit my man I gave him full right to hit me back!!
    I think they she knows she is just as much at fault, only she knows the history! I simply hope they get back together!!!