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Through Age-Processing Image Technology, We Can Now See What Hilary Duff And Vanessa Hudgens Will Look Like In 2049


Last night was the 2009 Tony Awards Meet the Press Reception.  I mean, really, there are so darn many reasons to party.  I’m having some friends over for lunch this Saturday but “having some friends over for lunch” sounds sooo boring.  I’m thinking of something like Midday Sandwich Soiree  Or, the National Institute of Barbecue 2009 Afternoon Gala.  What do you think?

Lots of the oldies but goodies were there like Dolly Parton, Liza Minelli, Jane Fonda…oh…and Martha Plimpton.  Yes, you may not have known this, but she went totally Mennonite now that she’s the ripe old age of thirty-nine.  Nothing but knee-length skirts and librarian blouses for her.

I don’t know if it was a matter of poor lighting, but when Constantine-remember him from American Idol?-looks presentable, something is wrong.

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