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Sean Penn And Robin Wright Split…Again.


Evil Beet Gossip is going green today and totally recycling this story as originally reported back in December 2007 when these two crazy kids filed the first time.  They eventually reconciled in April, 2008.

Now here we are.  It’s April, 2009, Robin Wright is still wearing boring black dresses, Sean Penn is still a dick and they still hate each other.  In other words, nothing has changed.

Penn (again!) filed for a legal separation on April 24th.  They have been married for thirteen years and have two sons, Hopper Jack and Dylan Frances.

You know, now that Madonna is single, and every production from the 1980’s is being remade anyway, maybe we can see a Sean and Madonna revival.

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  • I truly feel so sorry for Robin, having to put with that man ho for so many years and trying so hard to make her marriage work but this idiot obviously doesn’t give a f**k!
    I have never seen anyone so selfish as Penn.
    He has a beautiful wife but won’t stop screwing every skank in hollywood and being a dick all the time

    we all remember at the oscars when he received his award, he went on about gay rights but forgot to mention his wife who was looking lovingly on him whilst the cameras were on her. The camera men also thought, he was about to say something nice about his wife



  • Dylan Frances is a girl, not a boy. I feel bad for both of them, they wanted to work this out and have been trying too. I guess it’s just one of those complicated things. He’s also filed for custody of the children which is rather unusual, not shared custody but full custody.

  • This is unfortunate for her, but she’s a beautiful woman and will recover from this gracefully, I’m sure.

    Is it just me, or does she look rediculously similar to Chelsea Handler in this picture?

  • Hey you know who else is single? LiLo. This could be a great re-bound relationship for both of them. Can we organise that?

  • The idiots on these pages. He is a tool but do you really think she has never done anything wrong? look in her eyes… my god-think. and stop talking and condemning-everybody knows their break up was bc they both cheated. He’s asking for custody? must just be him??!

  • she is way too good for him. i knew he was a shitbag when he didn’t mention her in his best actor speech. man if she wants a good man to treat her right, i am right here. what a beautiful woman.