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Just a Friendly Reminder That Chris Brown Beat the Crap Out of His Girlfriend



Because his lawyer is doing all sorts of shady stuff to try to delay the case and confuse the matter. The LA court has agreed to yet another extension, with the next hearing set for May 28. Meanwhile, Chris’s lawyer is trying to get the case dismissed entirely due to evidence leaks, like the pic of Rihanna’s injuries.

“If Geragos makes an issue of leaked evidence, it’s unlikely the judge will dismiss the case,” says L.A. criminal defense attorney Jeffery Rubenstein, who’s not involved in the case. “It’s not police conduct at issue here, it’s Chris Brown’s.”


Hopefully the judge AND the public can keep that in mind. The ONLY issue here is that one person violently assaulted another.

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  • um why would that matter? the jury would still get to see those police photos. the only thing that would be hard to do was to build an impartial jury– but I mean, we can’t just let people get off for free b/c their case has been publicized.

    • Well, OJ’s still kicking around too, so either God has something big in store for these guys or he is very, very lenient.

      • You have a POINT. Maybe God will forgive all sins after all. I suppose I should be overjoyed about this but I wish the big man would make an exception in Brown’s (and OJ’s) case.

  • Rich people and celebrities get away with anything, so brace yourself. And the fact that the punchee is on Chris’ side is unhelpful to say the least.

  • I remember seeing video of him going to one of his court appearances and girls were outside the courthouse cheering for him. Amazing.

  • I don’t know, I have the feeling that he’ll get away with only some community service hours… and they’ll be cut for “good bahavior” or something! So sad =(

      • Gotta be something malfunctioning. On my end, it says there are only 5 comments to this post… I can’t imagine with two full-time weekday writers now, that NOTHING is going on.

        Time for more server space :D

      • I’m holding out for some gossip gold too! I’m one step away from the gutter, aka Perez. Help!

  • people like me will never let him live a normal life. i almost feel like a hypocrite looking down on someone for life for doing one thing wrong, and then i remember that he beat up a girl until she was bloody.

    i’ve done some not great stuff but i’ve never hit a woman. he should never be allowed to try and have a normal life again.