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I’m Having An “I Told You So” Moment


Friends, I realize that I have a lot of  “I told you so” moments.  So, the next time one of my statements or predictions prove true, I won’t get all obnoxious extolling my amazing talent of perception.  Unless it’s when Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake break up.  Or J. Lo and Skeletor.  Or when the world learns what I’ve always known:  Beyonce can’t sing.  Oh, and how that moment is here.

Howard Stern got hold of a copy of Beyonce’s board mix when she performed If I Were A Boy last year on the Today Show.  Basically, when singers perform on shows, they usually lip-synch to a recorded track so that they sound perfect.  Often, they will actually sing along to their recorded track but the audience won’t hear that.  So, this is a recording of the uber-talent’s actual singing voice.  Please listen and continue to tell me how talented she is.

I sounded more melodious when I was unmedicated and pushing a human being out of my loins.  Someone, give me a Grammy!

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  • Sorry Beetie, I cheated on you and heard the clip just now over at TMZ.
    Advice-if you’re feeling a little down today, click on Beet’s link and listen. I am going to have to save this to my hard drive before JayZ kills the clip. It is the BEST. I bet the song experiences a resurgence, with all of us singing along off key. Dogs of the world have a new hero.

  • Wendie, really lets be serious, how fake can that be, Please even people who hate her guts cannot honestly believe that is real.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious that’s a real track actually. The sad truth is that to be a “talented singer” today you can skip the talented part.

      • NOT FAKE GUYS!!! This kind of thing has become standard practice. It’s LAZY. I’ve been in the recording industry, you wouldn’t believe what some of these singers really sound like before they are mixed.

        And as a singer–yes with all that going on in your ears you can get off track. But that can happen easier when you are lazy and start to rely on backups and coverups. You can get out of practice singing LIVE.

  • @ Janice. No really, you can so tell it’s her, I think it’s more a case that with the sounds system she probably couldn’t hear the notes of the song…… maybe? lol

  • Does anyone think that Beyonce (or Britney Spears) can sing as well as they sound on their recorded songs? Modern music is so processed that they can make Paris Hilton sound good!
    Unless you are able to hear them in person, with no enhancements, you’ll never be able to tell who can really sing professionally these days.

    • While I totally agree….

      “they can make Paris Hilton sound good!” Paris sound good? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

  • i think it’s understandable that she’d sing that way. when you have things in your ear and the music in the background is really loud you don’t hear yourself sing. try that with listening to a song on ipod and recording yourself. you wouldn’t have thought you were singing that way :)

    • YES! i totally agree!

      also, when you perform as full out as she does physically, and with as many distracting things going on i can totally understand… and STILL think she has a wonderful voice.

      some of the notes she was hitting were not out of key for the song, they were just not the notes the lead vocal would sing. she was letting loose and sometimes to free your voice you have to let it go where it will!

      so eat it all you HATERS.

    • When you cannot hear yourself properly, it is all too easy to sing off-key. Plus, the clip sounds like it has been altered. There are many audio and video clips of Beyoncé singing a’cappella and she sounds great. So stop hating!

  • Ahahaha! that was hilarious! I so believe it was her but I do understand that she was probably so bad because she couldnt actually hear herself. I liked the little bit that they played of Enrique haha and I remember when he had to come in to their studio and sing live to prove he wasnt complete shit. Maybe Beyonce should do the same?

  • Obviously fake, you can tell where the pitched is manipulated. I don’t really like beyonce that much but she can sing, I took my kids to see her sing in person and she does have a good voice.

    • umm, no because you can hear the accompaniment and it was in tune. The backup singers were in tune, Beyonce just was not in tune!

  • Wow, Susan Boyle is lookin’ better and better.
    At least she can sing without the help of sound engineers.

    • I know nothing about synching voice with music or anything else that they do for crap like this…HOWEVER, if the vocals were truely that bad how come no one in the crowd is cringing like I was?

      Perhaps they are only hearing the recorded track through the speakers? Anyone know?

  • It’s reasonable that she’s singing like that, because she can’t hear herself, that’s actually a huge part of being able to sing in tune. But also, did anyone think she might be harmonizing? I don’t know much about music, but I know some people can do that. My friend does it when she’s singing along to songs all the time. I haven’t listened to her singing and the track playing at the same time, but maybe someone should to see what it sounds like.

    • This is NOT harmonizing. When people harmonize it complements the rest of the sing, this just sounds bad.

      That being said I have seen her live and she sounded amazing… and not faked as she did a lot of her own embellishments etc. Honestly, her voice sounds exhausted here and it sounds like she can’t hear herself, which would explain the pitchyness.

  • I agree with Priss, how can you really think its fake when nothing else in the the song changes pitch except her voice? also have you ever tried to sing along with a beyonce or mariah song on the radio…if you have you know your voice goes crazy high when those big notes come up even if you are a good singer.

  • ahahaha
    of course it’s fake! I work as a sound engineer, but even my cat can see, or hear, this is so manipulated.

  • I love this post, I dislike her and her music. Duh! it’s real. I can see her and her big ego saying its bs. Whatever she sucks! no talent.. next!

  • I really don’t like her or her music, but someone messed with this recording, you can hear that’s not a normal sound.

  • Howard Stern is so funny. That gave me a good laugh. If she were a talented singer, she wouldn’t have needed to perform over a track. Those howling dogs were an extra bonus. lol

    • I know, I’m not a Stern fan, but his chuckling (and the reactions of his cohorts) was part of what made this so hilarious.

  • come on now, that’s bullshit. look at who’s playing the tape…Howard Stern. beyonce can sing her ass off.

  • Oh Wendie…How I love you for making me laugh so hard today.

    BTW, anyone who dismisses this as fake is sadly mistaken. I know that you may not WANT to believe it, but this is 100% authentic.

    I will say though that the people mentioning how she may not have been able to hear herself are more in line with the truth. This is pretty much what you would hear of ANY board mix from a singer who wasn’t singing live for a number of reasons. Even if the, uh, ‘artist’, is wearing in-ear monitors, the monitor mix is turned way down with the ‘sync track’ played loudly so that said ‘artist’ can her what he or she is syncing to. The objective is to get your lips moving in the right shape and speed. The board mix is an afterthought because no one except the engineer is supposed to hear that. UNLESS….he wants to be fired.

    • UPDATE 2: It was indeed a hoax. The person who created the prank said, “It’s a little bit crazy. No one in their right mind would sound like that, and no one would cheer for someone singing like that.”

  • I’ve tried to explain to people that beyonce does this (after they thought her performance at the academy awards was legit) and they didn’t believe me. Ha.

  • Can you people not see that this is so totally fake? I can’t actually believe people think this is real. You can actually hear the difference between her voice and the crude pitch editing. Guys, get real. Beyonce couldn’t pull a trick like that for this long and it’s quite easy to edit a voice without affecting the backing track.

  • How can you really think this is real???? She has been performing since she was 6 years old and has been in the music industry for 12 years. Come on now, think. I know that may be hard for some people but really. I want you to think. She’s done impromptu a cappella performances on live television. She’s sold out concerts solo and with DC and sold millions of records. You can say she’s ugly, can’t act, is fat, is old, and a lot of other things but one you can’t say is that she can’t sing.

  • i almost peed-my-pants!


    and howard’s silly-ass in his nerdy voice…

    “eh…i think she’s hotter now…now that she can’t sing, hee-hee”


    howard’s the man & k.o.a.m.

    and wendie you are the woman & q.o.a.b.

    (queen of all bitches…’affectionately’)

    i love you guys!!!


  • if you say you hate everyone and everything, and predict every marriage is going to end, you will be right sometimes.

  • Got this from another website, some computer nerd had lots of time on his hands and has finally released a statement.

    UPDATE 2: It was indeed a hoax. The person who created the prank said, “It’s a little bit crazy. No one in their right mind would sound like that, and no one would cheer for someone singing like that.”

  • Yeah this is obviously a hoax. If you listen to it a few times it is REALLY obvious where they messed with the recording. It’s always the high notes, in the same parts of the song. There is no way in hell that Beyonce got this far without being able to sing. Give me a break, Wendie.

  • Hoax, or someone was threatened with a hefty lawsuit unless he or she delivered the fake confession.

  • Surely you do NOt believe this is real… It’s clearly obvious it’s being manipulated. Come on!

  • if you guys listened at all, it was made clear that this was NOT what the audience heard, she was just singing along to the track for the sake of LOOKING like she’s singing…she probably couldn’t even hear her own voice.

  • This is dumb. Wendie you are dumb. Who cares if she wasnt really trying to sing under the track that that was playing and she sounded terrible. The inauguration was definitely live and she was brilliant.