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Paris Hilton for Guess by Marciano with a Chihuahua in Her Crotch

Paris Hilton, in her new set of ads for Guess by Marciano. (More pics from the shoot in the thumbnails.)

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  • two of those ads are definately not new. they are up on my wall, among many others, out of an old magazine.

  • It’s called a pussy, not a puppy, Paris! Gosh, you’re even more stupid than we all thought! :-p

  • Those pictures are not new but…
    I’m happy
    A-She finally figured out she look so ugly with those barbie hair extensions.
    B-She has DEFIANTLY gotten her eye fixed.

    • Ah sorry I meant since the Guess Ads. You know when Paris was cool and only had one sex tape.

    • Um I see where you’re going with this….

      defiant |di?f??nt|
      showing defiance : she was in a defiant mood
      defiantly |d??fa??ntli| |di?fa??ntli| adverb
      ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from French défiant or directly from defiance

      definitely |?def?nitl?|
      without doubt (used for emphasis) : I will definitely be at the airport to meet you.
      • in a definite manner; clearly : we couldn’t plan to go elsewhere until we had heard from you more definitely.

  • Oh Beet, that first picture made may laugh hard enough to forgive you for not labeling the pictures in the Malibu Lumber Yard post. Thank you.

  • Well, if he wanted his ads to look like he had a cheap porn star with bad hair extensions in them…well, then mission accomplished.

  • Leader of the flea group: Alright that concludes our overnight stay at the Hilton Ho-tel. Everybody can file out of the dank lobby single file and board the Chihuaha-tram for a short ride over to the the de-louser.

  • Her face looks so lumpy in every picture. I’ve never seen someone with such a square jaw.

  • Everyone’s got it wrong…she has just given birth to that chihuahua – can’t you see the resemblance?!

  • Two things:
    a) WHY DOES MY ROOM ALWAYS SMELL BAD: You meant definitely. You typed defiantly. Defiantly isn’t a word, but the root, defiant, means with an attitude or refusal to do what’s asked (sort of. it’s really very late and I think that me and only one other person got a good laff out of this.)
    b) Paris looks astoundingly like Holly Madison in the first picture. I genuinely thought it was her until I read down.

    • c) When busting someones stones for not using proper grammer or context, please be sure to not use IM speak i.e. laff.

      Better to be thought a fool than make a righteous comment on a gossip blog and remove all doubt.

    • Hey Professor Chomsky, “defiantly” is most definitely a word.

      de·fi·ant (d-fnt)
      Marked by defiance; boldly resisting.

      • Er, here’s the rest of it:

        A adverb
        1 rebelliously, contumaciously, defiantly
        in a rebellious manner; “he rejected her words rebelliously”

      • Geez, contumaciously. That’s a new one on me. Off to check it out. Can’t imagine using it in a sentence though…

  • Anyone else notice how pale her face is compared to her stomach and legs? Why would they do that? Either embrace the paleness or fake bake it all the way.

  • Paris needs to die! She locks dogs in closets. Some of you idiots like her and you should be shot along with her just for worshipping this skank!

  • Although never a boxer, Marciano nevertheless continues the family tradition by taking pictures of things that have been beaten up.