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Ashley Tisdale: “It’s Alright, It’s Okay” Video

IT'S ALRIGHT, IT'S OK official music video

Because when your boyfriend’s cheating on you, the appropriate thing to do is trash his house with your friends and take photos of yourself making out with a random dude and leave them for him to find, because that’s going to make him so sad and he’ll totally miss you and won’t at all think of you as a psychotic bitch who never deserved his loyalty anyway. This is a far better approach than simply walking away with your dignity intact. Great message, Tiz.

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  • Well said! nice to have that pointed out, actually!

    i remember thinking that about the Cry Me A River video. Slightly different premise, what with the britney lookalike being the original cheater, but i always thought that video of Justin getting it on with another girl for her to find wasn’t exactly the high road.

  • She actually looks good here. love the new nose, the old one was much worse. and maybe it’s that when she’s singing, I don’t hear that whiny, bitchy voice…

  • Artists need to start coming up with more unique music videos because they’re all beginning to be exactly the same, just with different people set to a different song. But Ashley’s voice sounds great here; it’s a nice, easy listen.

  • It’s just a remake of Justin Timberlake’s Cray me a river video.. So what can i say.. It was cool when Justin did it, but not now.. At all..

    I think she is very pretty though, and she looks great as a brunette.

  • i don’t know who this person is. i’m a professional musician with a decent ear, and i think nearly all pop music is over-digitized and sloppily “corrected.” it’s kind of all watered-down crap. once in a while something meaningful happens, but it’s rare. this is not that, of course.

    however, it speaks to adolescent angst and unhealthy relationships that we all had and would like to wish away, or something. in that sense alone, i dig it. musically, it’s shit.

  • i think shes gotten better :)

    ermm but this reminds me of kelly clarksons music video when she trashes his house.
    and shes sort of looking like her slightly in a less nice way.