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Kate Hudson Needs to Set Down the Budweiser

Kate Hudson and Brother Oliver at Lakers Game Pictures Photos

Yes, we’ve firmly established that Kate Hudson’s put on weight this year. And I don’t even think that’s a bad thing. She’s certainly not at any weight even remotely approaching fat. So let’s get this out of the way: I do not think Kate Hudson is fat.

Here’s what I don’t like about it: It looks like beer weight. Her face is expanding at twice the weight of her body, and she’s losing that beautiful glow she always had about her. She’s obviously a girl who puts on weight in her face, but it’s not the healthy, I’m-filling-out-because-I-eat-a-complete-diet look. It’s the I’m-filling-out-because-I-eat-a-complete-case-of-beer-and-then-all-the-Fritos look. Kate looks like she put on the Freshman Fifteen, but she’s 29 years old, and Lord knows she’s never been to college.

I think I’m — dare I say it? — a little bit worried about her. We don’t mind if you put on weight, Kate, but cut it out with the boozing! Not healthy!

But she certainly did look happy last night, enjoying a Lakers game and some junk food with her brother Oliver.

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  • I love how beet takes pretty much all of the “body image” articles. Therefore, taking any potential fall out or controversy on herself. It’s definitely really brave of her to do.
    I think that the fact that she’s not wearing make up, and that this photo is really unflattering, also contribute. I saw some from the same set and they weren’t AS bad (granted they were still bad). I gotta protect my kate a little =]

  • Ok, here’s the deal. She started “putting on weight” right after quitting cigarettes cold turkey last January 1st. Most “starlets” smoke to keep thin, I think that’s no secret. I don’t think anyone should be mocking Kate for gaining a little weight–quitting smoking was the right thing to do and should be encouraged. She works out like a mad woman. Speculating as to a drinking problem is unfair.

  • Tracy, he is on Rules of Engagement every Monday night. He’s so cute in it. He needs to be on the big screen, though!

  • She had a couple of years where she was attractive, what the hell happened to her, this isn’t just going out like a slob – she’s got a moon face and a triple chin. Oliver is holding up a zillion times better, I wonder what’s going on, do she and Owen suck the hot out of each other? Both of them are not looking good lately. EEK!

  • Yadda, yadda, yadda, Kate Hudson, blah blah blah. HOLY hell! Her brother is a fox! Where’d he come from?! I wanna make his eyes twinkle like that!

  • she looks meh. I like my kate hudson ridiculously skinny. I just think she looks better that way. Sorry. I know this probably isn’t a popular opinion, or a realistic, healthy one…. she just looks so cute when she is tiny.

  • She looks like poo. Nothing like the cutie she was in Almost Famous. I can’t even picture her being that petite anymore. She’s been like this ever since she had a kid though… I bet that has a lot to do with it.

  • Agreed, make-up can do a lot but so can a shower and clothes that weren’t stolen from Wendie’s 8th grade year.

  • That’s quite a claim to make, Evil. You’re telling us she’s overdoing the booze because she gained some weight in her face? Why don’t you wait until you have something concrete to base that on before you accuse people of alcoholism?

  • She does look kind of puffy, which a lot of people get from high levels of wheat in their diet… But she looks really cute here to me. I hope it is just post-smoking weight gain, as Shara suggests.

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