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I’m thinking something along the lines of, “Time to get back to rehab.”  Kelly Osbourne and her fiance, Luke Worrall frightening innocent bystanders walking down the street in Miami.

You know, I reported about Kelly’s engagement a few months ago.  I may have mentioned her impending divorce before the ring was even back from being sized at the jewelers.  I’m ashamed.  But the good news?  Kelly has no intention of actually tying the knot for another five years.  That’s a good thing since you really aren’t supposed to make major life decisions straight out of a treatment facility.  According to her, “I think the last thing I should be doing right now is planning a wedding.  I’d become one of those cracked-out housewives with a vacuum cleaner, hopped up on Dexedrine.”

Like there’s anything wrong with that.

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  • I honestly thought I was looking at some sort of “special” Harry Potter impersonator when I first scrolled down the page. it really wasn’t until I actually began reading the post that I realized who this was.

    oh, Kelly…

  • There’s something very likable about Kelly Osbourne. She has a fun, if not always flattering sense of style, and at least she has enough sense to go to rehab, even if it’s taking her multiple tries to get sober. And her observations about being at risk for a relapse if she tried to plan a wedding right now show a certain amount of self-knowledge and realism. I hope that she finds lasting sobriety and happiness.

  • Wait, are those Chanel suspenders? wth

    Well, I don’t usually go for the waif-like twink look, but he’s really pretty.

  • Sorry girl but those $200 Chanel suspenders will not distract us from the rest of your looks . . . bod, hair, guy next to you.

  • I don’t know what Dexedrine is, but could it explain her wearing Chanel suspenders with crotch-devouring jean shorts?

  • Watch, in like ten years there’s going to be a White Is Beautiful campaign aimed at getting white people to stop oppressing themselves based on skin tone.

    Seriously, some people can’t get tanned and skin cancer-ridden no matter how hard they try.

  • You guys are fucking hilarious with your posts. It just made my night…

    And I agree with killermodsecretary…that is the first thing I thought of after…WTF??

  • Im gonna get shot for this comment and i know it.. But i have to say it, kelly is a fucking idiot, and she always looks retarded, just her face is retarded, and then the way she walks, the way she speaks, i just can’t stand the girl cus of that.

    • there’s something about her face… it doesn’t matter how fat she is, how much weight she loses, there will always be something wrong with those horrible cheeks, and neck. She will have to go through a lot a cos surgery like her mum to overcome that kind of, almost down syndrome look she has.

  • Rocker does his community service for recent dui, taking one of the girls from the special ed class out for her weekly walk. It’s not nice to use the word “retarded” any more…sigh.

  • disgusting fatso disgusting fatso.. that poor young boy, is he 12 years old? He is srewing you because there is a hype-aura about you that I don’t get, and that he hopes will spill onto him and will help him advance his modelling carreer …, where would you be Kelly without your mum

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