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Kelly Osbourne Makes Foolish Financial Decision

Ah…young love.  Kelly Osbourne has found a mate for lifein Luke Worrall.  The couple began dating six months ago and Luke has announced their engagement…wait for it…on his Facebook status.  Sure, she had been spotted around town wearing a big rock but when you bring it to Facebook it’s official.  His FB pageidentifies him as “the Agyness Deyn of male models.”  Oh Kelly…

But wait…there’s more.  He’s 18 and she’s 24.  Kelly Osbourne is only 24.  Is that even possible?  Doesn’t it seem like she should be 47 or something?  I’m all for young love but why do they have to get married?  Can’t they just share a flat and fornicate as nature intended?  It’s so much cheaper when it goes off into the ditch.  And in this economy, we must be prudent.  Kelly Osbourne marrying an 18 year-old male model does not make sound financial sense.

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  • I agree it that the pairing isn’t a smart idea, but don’t take it to heart. Let them be stupid and maybe they will learn their lesson….when they end up in court! ha ha!

  • oh my gosh, is her fiance seriously only 18? that’s so ick. I couldn’t image being in my mid-twenties and dating a teenager again! what a loser.

    case of ‘outcast’ girl flipping out just because some good looking guy pays attention to her? feels like it. and, case of random model trying to hang out to sort-of famous person to get fame himself? yep.

    sounds like a match made in hell. i wish people weren’t even allowed to get married that young… ugh. divorce is so much harder than breaking up, kiddies

  • She’s cute in this header pic, with that big-ass pretty wide smile. Usually she does nothing with her face but pout, so it’s refreshing to see the girl actually smile. But she’s fucking stupid marrying some douchy 18 year old kFed-ish kind of guy, yeah that’ll last oh, four, six months tops. Silly girl…

  • lmao i agree.. he looks 14.. or maybe even younger.. What a smart desition Kelly has made.. I guess her super smart parents helped her with this too.. Who wants to bet? 20 bucks they dont last a year married.

  • i know she puts off like she is tough, but i am sure she is terribly insecure, of course she will immediately agree to marry a male model when given a chance.

  • she has an adorable smile but she needs to do something about the hair. i liked it when it was pink.

  • IT MIGHT BE THE REAL DEAL, anyhoo i imagine he has a lot of £ with all those high profile deals. He is constantly around beautiful models, so with kelly it’s clearly he loves her for her, no matter what she looks like.

  • lee- i just checked out the photos on that link and how about this;
    there is no way he is lifting kelly. no way.

  • this is like lisa marie and michael jackson. he’s either gay or swedish.

    true story. in university, there was a swedish exchange student who wore tight jeans and shirts. one day i was talking to my friend johnny and he starts talking about Jo-anne. So, I’m like who are you talking about, I don’t know jo-anne, who is she. He’s like, the swedish dude, that’s what he told me to call him, I guess he is gay and that is what he likes to be called. I couldnt stop laughing, I had to explain no, his name is Johan pronounced Yohan, so I guess it kinda sounds like Jo-anne and with the tight clothes, even though he was straight, you could easily believe he wasn’t.

  • no guy is ready for marriage at 18. do you realize that only 2 or 3 years earlier, that same now “mature guy” was talking about tony gwynn’s batting average and why captain planet wasn’t a real super hero, while downing a double big gulp some night in the floresent lights of a 7-11 parking lot. not that i’ve done that. i’ve heard…