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Chaos Erupts at Top Model Auditions

Soleil already made reference to this, but now we have the video!

The NYC Top Model auditions erupted into chaos on Saturday when a car overheated and these geniuses assumed it was a bomb. They all started running like mad, and, like the classy, intelligent women that they are, eventually started a fist-fight just a few yards away from the supposed bomb.

Remember, this is the casting for the “short” season of ANTM, but maybe we should all start referring to it as the “short bus” season instead.

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  • Dumb stick-women…

    Beet guess what!? I bought a Taylor Swift Sundress today!! Its absolutely adorable and its red with little white polka dots lol

  • I feel special/like a loser because I posted the link to this video on the other post.

    what? I love dlisted too

  • oh, and why are they doing a short season? designers never want short models. there is not room for another kate moss.

    none of these girls will ever find work. oh whoops, I said that like any of the ‘models’ ever really work. my bad

  • I’m just amazed that that many women actually think they are top model material…can you say delusional?

  • Its ridiculous they thought an over heated car was a bomb AND that they’re important enough for someone to want to blow them up!

  • I couldn’t agree more. ANTM died a long time ago and now the models are starting to go with it. Haha that was DARK. Meh. Whatevaz.

  • i cana hear it now:
    miss jay: oooooh, miss thing! when you were running away from the carbomb you looked fi-e-rce!
    mr. jay: but you didn’t find the light with your face!
    tyra: it’s all about the neck, even when you are running for your life.
    janice: fuck it, you all looked fat. next!