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EVEN MORE Britney Rehearsal Video!!!

They’re releasing even more Circus trailers!!!

This one’s much longer than the first one. Britney looks 100% back on her game!

Soooo pumped for this!

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      • Why because you aren’t a mother and you have no problems seeing something exploiting themselves and their children? How embarrassed would you be if your mother was on stage dancing around half naked? I’d be pretty damn embarrassed. Everyone is so excited because she is “back on top.” Yeah well she hasn’t grown up any and that is what she really needs to be doing. When you have kids their needs are supposed to come first. Screw the fans and give the children the stable home life they deserve.

      • Soup- How is she exploiting her children? It’s not like she has them on stage with her. This is what she does for a living, I would rather have my mom dancing 1/2 nude & earning big bucks to provide for me instead of working a dead end job barely making ends meet. Poverty sucks & Brit is fortunate enough to be able to provide for her kids. That “stable” home life you talk about could not be achieved without her money. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, those kids could be more loved & more stable then you know. Stop juding so much.

  • HOLY FUCK! I can’t believe she was able to pull herself back together and suck just as much as she did before she went crazy! Yay for really shitty music! Yay!!!

  • I think she looks awsome! Im so excited for her. I was a huge brittany fan back in the day, and have really been pulling for her to come back!

  • These new avatars are cracking me up. Klipper’s especially. I think it suits his personality.